My Heart is Breaking!!!

  1. Just feeling sorry for myself and thought I'd share:

    I received a voicemail from an SA at Nordstrom, Sacramento that a bag I had waitlisted for had arrived. While I had her on the the phone, I figured I would ask her if there was any chance that they might still have an Anthra Giant Hobo in stock from last spring, as I have recently become obsessed with acquiring this bag. Anyway, I figured that they wouldn't still have them, but what she told me made my heart break - they sold out three or four months ago after they CLEARANCED THAT COLOR :crybaby:!!! I missed out on ANTRA on CLEARANCE :crybaby::hysteric::crybaby:!!!
  2. Omg, that sucks!!! I feel your pain. It's already bad enough that they sold out a few months ago. The fact that they were clearanced is so much worse. At least you're getting the bag you waitlisted for. That's a little comforting. Which bag is on it's way to you?
  3. I agree, like kicking you when your down! What an amazing color to be clearanced! Well at least you have a new one on the horizon :smile:
  4. It's the white giant hobo with SGH - but honestly, I'm not certain about it at this point. I have until they close tomorrow evening to decide. I absolutely love the hobo in white, but recently I have become obsessed with trying to find it in Anthra and as much as I love the giant hobo I'm not sure if I want more than one in my collection. And have I mentioned that I am like the most indecisive person in the world? These kinds of decisions are torture on me!!
  5. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to spend an hour or so calling every single store you can think of! Be sure to describe the color to the SA. Like ask for dark gray, or the dark blue gray, and then try to figure out if it is Plomb or Anthra. I don't believe EVERY single store is actually listed in the Reputable Stores list. For example, go to Saks online and look at all the stores listed. Someone may have returned one to a store that doesn't normally carry bbags, etc, etc. :smile:
    Good luck! I really hope you are able to find her!:heart::heart:
  6. i hate it when that happens. Not too long ago I was looking around for an ink work and learned that the Neimans near me had one returned to it after 7 months and they were forced to discount it as it had some flaws and somebody bought it for $540!!!! My face dropped when I heared about it through one of the SA's. I wish I never asked because I'm so jealous of the person who got the deal of the century.
  7. :crybaby:that is absolutely heartbreaking!!!! I am so indecisive as well! I was convinced I needed a VT day, thought about it for 6 weeks. I bought it, brought it home, next day took it back and returned it. I feel like these are such huge decisions!!
  8. I am the same way. If you're on the fence and not in a huge hurry to have a hobo, I'd send it back and keep looking for the anthracite. It shouldn't be too hard (correct me if I'm wrong) to find white if you decide it's impossible to get an anthracite.
  9. I am so sorry CoutureObsessed...I know how you feel... I would suggest you to call Saks' and Neiman's main lines and see if they can do a search for you and possibly find a store that carries the anthra...

    I have been obsessing over GGH Work in natural for the last month or two, but then I saw the Chloe Paddington large tote on sale and that was it for me..I had to have it...

    We all pay so much for purses that it is nice to be able to get them on sale once in a while..

    Good luck to you!!
  10. ARGH!! so sorry couture- I know that heartbreak feeling!! I missed out on 2 RT bags within less than 2 weeks. The most recent one went for 550, right from under my nose, despite searching several times for "red" balenciaga!! Talk about heartbreak- RT is a bag I thought I'd never be able to buy since it goes for so high above retail. And then these amazing deals pop up and I miss them. Totally relate- sometimes it's better not to know.

    And hellosunshine- ink work that went for 540???? AHHHH!!! Anytime I read about missed deals like that, my stomach flips.
  11. Oh, how sad! I :heart: Anthra... but I would :heart: it even more on clearance! Someone sure got lucky when they found those!
  12. aww i'm sorry to hear that..=(
  13. So I am now convinced - Purse Forum = Miracle Network!!! I need to give a huge thank you to Nanaz because with her help I was able to order my Anthra giant hobo yesterday morning!!! :yahoo: It's just so crazy too, because I called so many places looking for this bag that I never expected I would still be able to find one new!! I only posted this initially because I was being pouty and wanted to vent - I never thought I would actually end up finding one!! I had even called this particular store a few weeks ago and spoke with a female associate who told me that it was only plomb they had left, not Anthra! I'm so excited...she should be here next week!!
  14. ^^ That's awesome! Miracles come in mysterious places, lol, Nanaz is your hero ;) Can't wait to see pics! You must be flying high with excitement!
  15. Aww, it makes me so happy to see that i helped some one to be as happy as your are now. :shame:It was my pleasure.:heart: Lee is the best sa i have at NM. :tup:Enjoy it.:wlae: