My heart is breaking

  1. i'm crying as I type this. I was spotting so I went to the ER. I just returned. Basically, my HCG count is only at 58. So, there is a very good chance that I am experiencing a miscarriage. I'm so, so sad.
  2. no Envy!:cry:
    I'm SO sorry, my heart is breaking for you!

    We're here for you Hon!
  3. awww envy :sad: let us know if you need anything
  4. Oh my goodness. My prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

    Please let us know if you need anything as well or if you just want us to listen. I can hear your heart breaking from here. :crybaby::crybaby:

    Hang in there and be strong.
  5. OMG Sweetie..Im so very sorry...I have been there..and I know how hard it is.
    We are all here for u..Please Pm me if u want to chat.....
  6. {{Hugs}}
  7. Oh God no. I am so very sorry. Hugs.:crybaby:
  8. I'm sorry hun. We are all here for you and I'll definitely be praying for you.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that!!!! *hugs*
  10. oh no. i'll be praying for you and your baby!
  11. Oh no Envy!!! I am so sorry sweetie! I am sending you huge hugs right now!!!!
  12. I am sorry! We are here for you.
  13. I'm sorry- please PM me if you need to talk.
  14. *hugs* I am so sorry, envy :sad: Sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts. Stay strong :heart:
  15. Oh no Envy, I am so sorry but if it is any consolation I spotted with both my kids & they are 20 & 22 now. I hope it is the same for you. I will be praying for you (((hugs))