My heart is beating soooooooo fast..I just ordered

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  1. the new fall Long Dylan Speedy and the Long Dylan wallet, both in black..I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in love with the leather & raw edges (I am here from Coach and I can't stand the glazed/casing on all the edges of their bags because they peel). I am in :heart: and on :cloud9:..haven't been this excited about a bag in forever!! It will be something I will use for a VERY long time..LOVE the style, I am so excited. I really, really love the look of this leather, the chewy/smooshy-ness....ooooohhhhhhhh I could die right now I am so excited. Just had to share, will post pics when I get them next week! I ordered them from
  2. Congratulations!!! You made 2 fabulous choices. Post pics when they arrive :yahoo:
  3. sagranch! Congrats! I can't wait to see the purses! You will NOT be disappointed!
  4. ^^Thanks, I love this section of the forum..I used to have LV's, Balenciagas, Coach and now I have sold everything off and now LP is my new obsession muwahhahaha
  5. congrats! Those are two beauty!
  6. Did you change both to crimson ? I am glad you brought up the Dylan edges. It is one of my favorite features for the pure honesty of it.

  7. Yes I changed both pieces to Crimson, I am a major matchy match person!! The edges of the bags/wallets are what drew me in..I love that unfinished look, not a lot of designer have that. I had a 1k Balenciaga and the glazed edges started to come apart after a couple of months of use and I baby my bags. I saw these and fell in love online, I hope I am thrilled when they arrive:tup::tup:

  8. You will be thrilled ! Welcome to your new obsession !
  9. Congrats on your new bags sangranch!! :tup: I can't wait to see pics of your new beauties!! When will they arrive?

  10. how funny - this is my story as well!!!