My heart is aching......

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  1. Hi ladies, I just received my newly acquired GST in the mail.
    I have my doubts. And when that happens, it's usually not good. Of course, I'm hoping that I am wrong. Can you please help me w/certain specifics?

    1) What kind of box does it come in? A lift-away top (as w/most chanels)? Or a cereal-like box that opens with flip tabs on the side?

    2) A pic of the hologram sticker. It has one, but the white paper underneath the clear hologram sticker is not uniform (looks hephazardly glued in in the first place)

    3) Thick leather?

    4) The dustbag? The 'chanel' on mine looks newly ironed on, u'know what I mean. VERY WHITE! And stitiching is questionable.

    I usually have good feelings, but upon slowly revealing it, my heart starts to ache.:throwup: I still have a window of time to request for a refund. I need some help to make up my mind.
    I hope to be wrong, but all the little details is rubbing me the wrong way.
    And it's too late for "Authenticate this". *tear* :crybaby: Any help, esp w/pictures of what SHOULD be would be appreciated.
  2. You need to post pictures in the authenticate this thread.

    I think the GST, because it's a larger bag, comes in the "cereal box type" box (opens from top and bottom with side tabs) that you described above. The other things you listed we need to see pictures of.
  3. Thank you. Will post pics there than.
  4. good luck, I hope it works out for you!
  5. Post and I will compare to my newly acquired GST from Saks....hope it will be allright for you.....:heart:H

  6. I'll be looking for it in the "authenticate this" section.
    I love my GST, hope yours is ok!
  7. I got mine from a boutique and the box was not a 2-piece box with lid; it was one piece with the flap that has tabs. My dustbag has very bright white lettering and it looks silk-screened, a bit sloppy.

    Good luck.
  8. my box opens on one end as well- yes the leather is thick feeling because it is caviar
  9. Thank you everyone, gotta go take some pics and put it up on the authenticate this thread.