my heart hurts.......

  1. my grandfather passed away a few years back and so all my mother has left is my grandmother....she's the baby of the family and has always been close to her, and today she called korea only to find out she isn't doing so well.........and it just kills me to see my mother cry.......i may not be the best daughter but i will NOT stand by and watch other people make my mother unhappy.......

    what breaks my heart is that my aunts are greedy, selfish :censor:tches who only care about money and resent my mother because she's here in the US and is better off than all of aunt who takes care of grandmother (only for the money she gets for it) has been poisoning my grandmother and brainwashing her for the past two years against my mother.......imagine being an old woman confined to a wheel chair, unable to walk-nobody ever speaks to you except to speak poison about your youngest daughter...after awhile you start to believe it, and so on my mother's last visit she and my grandmother had a fight and my mother just can't let it go, so obviously she's hurting so much inside to have her mother dying when they're on bad terms.........

    i don't even know what the point of this thread was but i just wanna cry and i really can't focus enough to study.......i just can't stand greedy, money-hungry people.....i really dont understand what makes people like this and i just want my mom to not be sad anymore....but i'm so angry too........
  2. Experience has taught me that situations like this always bring the worst out in families. I saw it with my Aunt when my grandfather passed away too. It was frankly shocking to me. All you can do is try to encourage your Mom and remind her that she loves your Grandmother and no matter what the greedy relatives do, no one can ever take that away from her. In my experience, the elderly and frail ones KNOW what is going on- often they are just not in a position to fight back.
  3. sorry for this thread...i actually hate depressing threads like this i just feel so frustrated and really don't know what to do....i'm normally a very happy person.....
  4. That's OK sweetie,,,we are pretty good at helping one another..:heart:
  5. I'm sorry. My family has gotten to the point where I don't care for anyone else in my father's side except for my family. Period. They can all go to hell after what they said/did to my family. I'm not even that close to my family so that means something.

    I hope your mom can go back and see her soon and maybe things will smooth out. You're a good daughter being by your mom's side.
  6. {{{Aw man, I'm SO sorry}}}
    It IS hard to see your Mother hurting.
    You can vent here, you're always supportive, we can support you too:flowers:
  7. awww thanks ladies.....i know i can always come here for support even if it's not bag related
  8. Sorry jc I don't know how family can be like that but you are such a good daughter.
  9. Well, I am sorry to hear about that JC. It's hard to see a mom cry. *(((((hugs)))))*
  10. it really hurts me to see my mother cry.....i feel like when it comes to their parents, everybody's a child no matter how old they are, and i'm extremely protective of my mother........i can't even begin to imagine how she's feeling........

    but it's nice to have the forum as a distraction (even though i should be studying.....)......thanks so much everyone for the support my boyfriend is trying to be supportive but he never knows the right thing to say and i'm upset so i just find myself wanting to lash out at him.....
  11. ohh JC, your being an awesome daughter!! dont you ever think you arent! this posting is a testatment to that!!

    I sorta know how you feel... most of my relatives are back in china and they always resent us for being here in canada. We constantly have to send them money, pay for weddings, school.. etc etc.. the list is never ending.. it's such a guilt thing.. I cannot stand money hungry people!!! what annoys me is we aren't even rich people!! and my parents scrape to pay for everything.. ugh!

    Im sure your Grandma knows who is telling the truth or not! a mother deep down always knows...
  12. Awwwww, jc, you are obviously a wonderful daughter. Your mom is blessed to have you :smile: :heart:

    I'm so sorry for your mother's pain and yours as well!

  13. I'm sorry jc! Similar stuff like that has been going on for years in my moms family.

    *big hugs*. I hope you and your mom feel better.
  14. Oh Jen... I'm so sorry that this is happening to your mom :cry: . I know exactly how you feel because my father's mother and younger brother make my mom cry too. I can't believe how poisonous my uncle has become. Just hang in there and be there for your mom. Listen to her, and comfort her when she is hurting. It'll really help her to know you are always on her side, no matter what.
  15. i really wanna be there for her but seeing her cry makes me cry and i don't wanna make her feel worse......i haven't always had the best relationship with my parents, but i just don't understand how some people can be so uncaring towards their own parents.....obviously money is important to all of us, but it's unbelievable that some people can put it before their own family.............

    hopefully i'll wake up happier tomorrow and i'll be able to get lotsa studying done so i can graduate and makes lotsa money to buy my mommy all the frivolous unnecessary things she deserves :yes: (if it's not obvious i tend to shop like mad when i'm sad....oh and eat of course.....)
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