My heart got all squeezy and fluffy when i saw this!

  1. forgive me if i'm not supposed to post videos... but i couldn't help myself!! had to share!! :yahoo: i'm getting a pomeranian soon, ready to come home around may! so i've been pretty much obsessed with all things pomeranian lately!! :nuts:

    enjoy!! they so cute and lovable they make my day!!

  2. Cute
  3. OMG! they are gorgeous!
  4. Awww, that's the cutest video ever! My auntie used to breed poms, I loved going to visit when she had puppies. You'll have to post pics when your baby comes home!

  5. oh definitely! :smile: once i get my baby i'll keep an online diary of her shenanigans! :yahoo: and put the link on my signature or something...:love:
  6. That's really cute!
  7. OMG, I want ALL of them! They are so adorable!
  8. OMG! They are sooo cute!
  9. How cute. They are just balls of fluff with teeny tiny feet.
  10. omg that's way tooooo cute. I like the little blk/white runt in the back...he looks confused!
  11. Thanks for posting that video! I'm a pom lover too! I have two myself. Their names are Maggie & Molly. Good luck with your new puppy! I bet you can't wait to bring him/her home. Here's a pic of my girls.
  12. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! that is the cutest thiing ever! I want them all. You definetly have to post pics of your puppy!
  13. Wow, I never saw so much fluffiness in my life. Too cute.

  14. aaaaaaaaahhh they're adorable!!! :love: so's the hermes ;).

    my girl isn't even born yet! :rolleyes: but i'm waiting...... (not so patiently)
  15. so so cute! thanks for sharing!