My heart fetish!

  1. OK finally got time to upoload! Had to go to church first:yes:

    let me frist say that I am :cursing: like you cannot believe! When I called the store yesterday I was told they had only THREE pomme items left..none of them being a cles. I got scared and called 866 to help me locate one. I am waiting now for one to be shipped from Chicago.

    I go in there today and they had every Pomme accessory AND bag there is! I am so :cursing: that I had to pay not only shipping but a higher sales tax!...I am so frustrated. The worst part is that I could be holding it in my hands right now!:cursing:

    OK....on to my lovelies!

    I also decided to get a red bandeau....LOVE red groom!

    Grabbed some other things to take a group photo! The silver shoes are new BCBG ones I got them too!

    now if only I had my pomme cles!

    it was a fun day though...can't wait to go sans little boy!
  2. What a great collection!
    I must say, your shoes are lovely.
  3. OMG! You finally bought them all! Lucky you!:love:
  4. them all..I :heart: :heart: your collections..
  5. You.. got.. all of them...

    holy crap
  6. Lolly...thank you! They had an amazing sale going on but I forced myself to just get one, i'll probably never use them like the rest of my things!

    pinkiwhatever99..not ALL! The perle looked so sad sitting there all by iteself...should I go get it?:graucho:
  7. Lol congrats, aren't they beautiful?? I'd have an MC one too if they had black but oh well.
    I love yours!!
  8. YES, get the Perle..I got that one along with the Pomme and it's SO gorgeous. I'm usually afraid of the Perle color because it's white and has the chance for transfer..but it's SO pretty and shimmery.
  9. LOL, you're right, missing Perle... in my amazement at you having 3... I forgot to say... BEAUTIFUL!
  10.'s some incentive for the Perle..
  11. Holy moly! You picked up all three? Triple Congrats!!! lol, and ur s&g miroir pap is just as stunning!
  12. Wow! You got them all! They're so adorable.
  13. I don't think pics can do Perle justice...
  14. nice heart collection! looks great on the bags too!
  15. :heart: Love your collection- Congratulations !