My Heart Coin Purse on Damier Speedy...

  1. Just picked up my heart coin purse today. My SA kinda jus pushed me the package and rushed me to leave the store (seemed like she did not want me to take out and play with the coin purse in the store again). :confused1: A little awkward but I figured it must be some other customers are also in the store that if they see what I got, it gonna cause a lil problem since this is the only and the last pomme damore heart coin purse in the store. I was fine and I rushed back to office to experiment around how to showcase the lil coin purse on my bags. Tried on my speedy and my pouchette. didnt figure out how to match with pouchette yet, but I will show u how it goes with the damier speedy first...:heart:

    By the way, I am leaving for Hong Kong next week and stay till end of February.. I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day in advance, and for all Chinese PFers, a Happy Chinese New Year! :drinkup:
    IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0102.JPG
  2. Looks so cute with the damier. Congrats on getting the last one.
  3. Awww, it looks so cute! Have a good time in HK! :biggrin:
  4. that heart is so beautiful! happy chinese new year!
  5. I LVOE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oh very cute!!! that's on a 25 right?

    Have fun in HK - it'll be a BLAST there over the holidays!!!
  7. looks great!
  8. omg. i need one of those!
  9. Gorgeous! have a safe trip, happy chinese new year's, and happy valentines!!!
  10. that looks great on there :biggrin:
  11. Love it.
  12. Very Pretty!
  13. how i wish the heart wasn't inverted!

    but..nice one!
  14. That looks so yummie!
  15. wow that looks wonderful on your damier!! kung hey fat choy!