My heart belongs to Marc


Bag obsessed
Dec 17, 2007
Over the years I have bought and sold so many bags..tried out Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Goyard etc, but no matter how much I stray, my heart always belongs to Marc..
No other brand compares to that of Marc Jacobs. The delicious leather, the unbelievable hardware, the perfect craftsmanship, the understated elegance..I always find myself selling something Marc to fund another brand impulsively, but then I quickly regret my decisions and sell those bags to come back to Marc. I recently had purged a couple Marc Jacobs bags to fund a big black Prada..I had it for 2 months and just sold it to fund my black stam. (I sold my first black stam a year ago and have been aching for it ever since). So no matter what, I always return to Marc..and I think always will:smile:
Just wanted to share my thoughts..:heart:


Sep 9, 2006
so.much.word. i haven't bothered to look into buying other designers at this point. they've always been the bag of the moment only to be worn for about a week then put on the chopping block about a month later. even my friends know that when i venture outside of mj, it most likely will not work out. my mother insis that i need more variety in my collection, but marc is clutch at creating different styles season after season and releasing them in the most amazing colors, that i feel i have all the variety i need. sorry, ma!


Sep 12, 2009
Iam getting the same way - getting new home for most of my bags except my LV Galleria so I can get more in time MJ or MBMJ considering I only have 2 LOL but the quality and styling is timeless


42But what was the ?
May 2, 2008
Thanks for sharing those great thoughts, Sabinalynn! I think you will find nothing but very enthusiastic agreement here in MJ-land!!

But we sure never get tired of expressing it! :yes: :tup: