My heart belongs to Chanel but wanted to show my gals my new Hermes!

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  1. I love you guys and wanted to share my other new arrival with you! yes, it is Hermes but don't hold that against it!! It is the Kelly in Chevre Coromandel in Ebene (a very dark brownish black).
    kelly 002_1.jpg bags 005_1.jpg
  2. I am floored - you amaze me!!! Congrats and it looks great even if it isn't Chanel!

    What's the total # of purchases the past few days?? We need a new family pic!
  3. :heart: That is a fabulous bag! And it really suits you! :heart:

    You must tell us what it's like to wear!
  4. me likey..... it looks great on you.....
  5. Stacy, OMG, it is one of the most gorgeous bags I have ever seen. Enjoy the bag!
  6. I chimed in over in the Hermes forum and saw it then, but it's so gorgeous (and so are you) that I need to chime in again. That bag is fab!
  7. Wow!!! :heart: The color is gorgeous, and the style eternally classy!!!! Not to mention how good it looks on you!!!! :love:
  8. :nuts: Wonderful!!! Thanks for posting pics in this forum. It looks fantastic on you, what size is it?
  9. it looks stunning on you!
  10. Tres chic!!!:yes: :p :heart:
  11. It's gorgeous, and you look hot wearing it! Just don't leave us completely.
  12. Wow! :girlsigh: What a beautiful bag and it looks fantastic on you. Congrats!
  13. Thanks so much for allowing me to share and for all your wonderful comments. By sticking to my new purse rules, I was able to sell some of my doubles which allowed me to buy more beautiful chanel to diversify the collection as well as branch out to a Hermes. Don't worrry, Tammy, I will not be leaving you! :smile: I will post more family shots in a few days!
  14. OMGosh!!!! Stunning! I love that bag, it looks unbelievable on you - so hot!
    If I ever strayed from Chanel to make one purchase of another luxury brand handbag that would be the one. I would have to sale things also to justify to myself the cost. It is so beautiful~~~ Enjoy
  15. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: What a beauty!!!!!! I love it.