my head is nodding with the beats...

Nov 14, 2006
Hi yo, I am listening to Nas' new ablum "Hip Hop is dead".
(Hip Hop is my favorite music genre.)
It's late now, so I am using my headphone to enjoy his new music and my head is nodding with the beats now. So what kind of music do u like to listen to at this moment? Are you also listening to Hip Hop music now? :jammin::jammin::jammin: I hope that you r enjoying your music now and have a sweet dream later. nite nite :jammin::jammin::jammin:
Oops...I just found some similar topic showed up here. That's why no one replied to this topic, but I really had a hard time to search a certain topic sometimes. Probably that's why I see a lot of repeating topics on the forum.
I did search first whenever I posted a thread. Maybe just me don't know how to search the topic?:s?