My head is going to explode. I hate eBay.


Nov 13, 2007
Dammit it all. I had an LV Speedy listed as a BIN/Best Offer on eBay for weeks before anyone offered a decent amount for it. Now today I get an email from the buyer saying she just "knows" it's a fake and any "avid LV fan" would know this. For God's sake. I know scammers do the bait-and-switch thing so I clearly stated in the auction no returns:
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I already contacted PayPal warning them of an impending claim and asking for their advice. I have a draft saved of an email to go to the buyer in which I reiterate the "no returns" detail and offer her my LV SA's name and phone number. Do you guys have any advice? What to do and what not to do?
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Jan 8, 2008
You clearly have the receipt to provide its not a fake.
I too worry about bait and switch, I hope it works out for you.


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May 19, 2007
^^Unfortunately, LV receipts are easily faked themselves, so that's not going to help much.

I would contact Caroldiva and get her authentication. I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that you can use that in your Paypal claim that the item is authentic.

BTW, your bag looks good to me ;).


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Apr 26, 2007
^ I agree! The fakers can fake anything now...receipts, boxes, bags, etc... Some buyers think that it "proves" authenticity...I have noticed that bags with receipts sell for a higher price than bags without a receipt.

I would be really careful with this transaction...since the buyer is already saying that she knows the bag is a "fake" (it looks good to me :smile:). The buyer might have found another mono speedy for less...might be a case of buyers remorse!

I listed my Damier Azur Speedy and a buyer emailed me saying all these things as to why my bag was fake! I corrected her and pointed out that these were actually all the points that showed the bag was authentic! Some buyers are just nuts and they THINK they know a lot about LV...


Nov 17, 2006
Good luck! It sounds like a bait and switch to me, like suggested have Caroldiva authenticate it which should be proof should it come to a dispute.

I cannot understand people who get duped by an item having a receipt!!! It is NOT the receipt that is important it is the BAG! People need to start thinking in a more logical way IMO. Sorry to be OT!


Jul 14, 2006
Unfortunately, if you take PP, your policy of no returns is absolutely meaningless. Buyers can use all sorts of excuses to get PP to refund their money. :shucks:


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Oct 18, 2006
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It does sound like buyer's remorse to me also.
Hopefully, you will get your own Speedy returned to you and all will be well.
Don't explode.
Keep us informed. Best of luck!


Jul 22, 2008
I would contact the buyer and thell them that the bag has been authentiated by caroldiva and that you wil l provide the proof to paypal. reiterate that you know the bag you sent is the real deal and that paypal accepts letterf from Carol. See if this either reassures them or scares them away.
Apr 15, 2007
Fakers just fake anything it seems.. receipts included.. would contact caroldiva for authentication and take it from there.. hope this works out for you


Dec 7, 2006
New Jersey
Would faxing credit card bill with charge from LV boutique work in conjunction with receipt? That way you would not have to pay for authentication, if you had receipt and charge on statement?? I would try this first, and if PayPal does not accept, go with Caroldiva.
Jan 8, 2007
unfortunately, i think the no returns policy is worthless. if the buyer can convince paypal she received a fake then she will win. please tell me you put a security tag on your bag. it's the only way to prevent a bait & switch (and even then, you still could lose). i am so sorry!
Apr 15, 2007
If the buyer can convince paypal that the bag is a fake it really is a big problem!!

I hope in fact you did put a security tag on the shipped bag.

That seems to be one of the best ways to protect ourselves in addition to taking
a picture of the item.. to have to resort to those measures is pretty unbelievable, but we have to do what needs to be done so these scammers don't get away with it

Hope this works out for you and sorry that you have to be subjected to this


Feb 9, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
So is she trying to "return" a different bag to you then the one you sold her? A fake one so she keeps your real one and you're stuck with the fake? Couldn't you insist that you will not accept the return unless she takes the purse into an LV store and have it proved that it is either an authentic purse or a fake purse? You should tell paypal that you are 100% positive that the bag is indeed authentic and unless she legitimately proves otherwise they should not allow a return. I mean isn't paypal supposed to protect the seller just as much as a buyer?! Why should you get the short end of the stick when you're being the honest one in the transaction??!!!! If I were you I would gather as much evidence as you can to prove the bags authenticity. Good luck, hope it works out in your favor.