my head is cloudy and my heart is numb..

  1. i just broke up with my boyfriend of 25 months..
    it was mostly due to bunch of misunderstandings, unwilling to give in to one another.. and a whole lot of stubbornness.
    i can't even think straight right now. i just want to move on. i'm scared that it's going to hit me like a storm tomorrow.. but i refuse to give in to him. i know i deserve better.. but it's hard to let 25 months of memory go. i'm sorry girls.. my head hurts and i don't exactly know how i feel yet. sigh.. thanks for letting me get it out of my systerm on here. thanks.
  2. Oh my gosh girl, I really don't know what to say. I know you can get through this, you have to be strong. Plus you said you deserve better, I know 25 months of memories can not go away, but it is not impossible. Try to relax, try no think about it so much. If you need to talk more, you can PM. Just know we are all here to help you, and comfort you!
  3. Vent all you want. You DO deserve better, but it's hard to let go of a relationship.
    Hope you feel better soon, and in the meantime, eat some chocolate or something.

    We'll be here to listen! :heart:
  4. my dear... can't even find words...:sad:
    Impsola is right, just try to relax...
    i hope you could be with a friend right now...
    ... Hugs...:huh:
  5. This is just what I went through 2 months ago.. I'm so sorry :sad: It's one of the worst things to ever have to deal with.. I really feel for you. Please know that we're all here for you, so vent all you want!
  6. im in the same situation hunny. it sucks. we were both very stubborn and of course didnt fit right together. i wanted him to give in about every issue and he wanted the same from me. im refusing to get lured back into him again..its been months of this on and off stuff.

    but funny thing is i went on a first date tonite. it was so weird not being with my old guy. but i had a good time actually it was very reassuring. dont worry you'll get that reassuring moment soon :smile: xxoxoxoxox
  7. It's never easy to end a relationship. However, it sounds like you are doing what is best for you and I admire the courage it must have taken to take this step. I hope you are able to get closure on all of this soon and are able to move on to new things.
  8. I'm sorry, honey! I have been in your situation (multiple times, sadly!) before and all you have to do now to make it better is do what is best for you. Go out with your girlfriends, or have them come over for a movie & junkfood night or something. Or go to the beach (or pool), lay out for a bit (use sunscreen!) and read a good book and try to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

    Do something for you now. Get a pedicure, go to a spa, get a massage, buy those great pair of shoes that you've been eyeing. Even if it makes you feel better for 20 minutes, it will help :smile:
  9. I am sorry you are going through this. Take good care of yourself.
  10. go to your girlfriends, they happen to be the best source of happiness. i'm sure they can help you to go through this...
    plan a girls only night out, movies, stay over at a friend's house with a bunch if ur closest gangs.
    it's easier when you don't think "how to get through this" phase.
  11. I know you're feeling horrible now, but stick w/ your instincts. Kicking Mr. Wrong to the curb makes room for Mr. Right. I'm 40 and have experienced a break up in 18 years, but I still remember it well. Without it, I wouldn't have met my fabulous hubby of 16 years though.
  12. i totally agree:yes: hang in there, we're here for you:heart::heart:
  13. oh no, im so sorry to hear this. I hope that u had a good nite sleep and your head is clear now. Breakups are hard and regardless what the reason is, we girls always feel hurt. Hang in there, time will heal your pain.
  14. Things like this happen for a reason - I am sure Mr. Right is around the corner. This is the best time to focus on you and have some "me time". **HUGS**
  15. *hugs* I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure this happened for the right reasons, there's probably someone better for you out there. Take care of yourself.