My Hayden-Harnett loot....

  1. I just received my first shipment from HH. I know, it's sad that I have another two on the way. This is what I can tell you. I received the Nomade Hobo in bittersweet, the Nomade drawstring in Fir, the Alfie Bird Bag in coral and the Dominique Satchel in Chestnut. The Hobo is beautiful but it's really big. It has to go back. I'm 5"4' and I look like a hobbit trying to carry a potato sack with this on my shoulder. It looks good. I don't. Next, the drawstring in Fir. TOO CUTE! It's much smaller than it looks on the HH site. They really need to work on their pictures. The color is a cool, beautiful green. It's one of the only true year-round colors I've ever seen. It will really work for every season and it draws up to a really cute shape when you pull the strings. The bird bag is much smaller than I thought it was going to be. I'm keeping it for a gift for one of my neices. The Dominique satchel is great but really, really square and it's not as shiny as I thought. It's going back. It reminds me of a piece of beautiful luggage. That's it.... for now:graucho:
  2. Good to see your hh review. I recieved my drawstring in bittersweet yesterday. It is definately much smaller than it looks on the site and since I carry alot, well kind of heavy stuff :shame:, I don't think I can keep it. I do love the look of the bag though, the colour is a gorgeous chocolate, the leather is wonderful and the shoulder strap is soft and thick (really padded feeling!). It is lightweight and the lining is just so pretty. The dustbag is the nicest one I have ever seen, it is pink :tender:. The bag was a great price so I guess it would not be horrible to keep it except I hate to have things that don't work perfectly for me. Can I justify keeping it just to play with the leather and dustbag?
  3. I just gotta say this. Pictures, ladies. Model them for us. :yes:;)
  4. ^ditto!!! I'm waiting for my Nomade in bittersweet, I'd love to see pics!
  5. I'm going to try and post pics again...I'm having a hard time for some reason. If anyone is dying to some some action shots of either the Dominique or Nomade Drawstring...please pm'me your email addy and I'll email them to you.
  6. Hi! So I didn't want to start yet another HH thread ;) i'll post my new bag pics here:

    Group Shot of all my pretties:
    Carryall in soft gold, dissapointed with this one, I thought it might be able to use this as a going out purse as well as a cosmetic bag, but the quality just isn't there imo. It should work just fine as a cosmetic/random bag though
    My wee little coin purse! I looooove it! And not just because it was free:p It is more substantial than I expected and I can see myself using this cutie for a long time:tup:
    Mercer Triple Compartment in INK....LOVE it, so soft and smooshy and the color is really unique. It has a slight purple tone that doesn't really show up in pics. It does not look like a big bag but yet it fits a lot. I can see myself using this for work AND this bag is a definite keeper
  7. hehe, that made me laugh, i'm sure that's not the case but that was a very cute analogy :p
  8. I LOVE the Mercer in Ink! It looks so cute with your other HH accessories!
  9. Oh my, that mercer is just gorgeous! I love the ink!!! And the cosmetic case is perfect. You did good on everything.
  10. Oh no, I've been waiting for my drawstring in fir. I hope it's big enough. I tried reading the dimensions and thought it would be large enough, but now I'm scared!
  11. :heart: ink :heart: I feel another order coming on...
  12. Minnie your Mercer in INK is gorgeous!! is it on sale?? I would like to get one for me! :biggrin:
  13. That INK color is beautiful. I am thinking very hard about the one with croc. :p Looks super sexy to me.
  14. Minnie, the Mercer looks a lot cuter on you than on the website!
  15. Your bag is stunning, really. A great color...look very, very rich.