my Hayden-Harnett Heart attack - a stain story...

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  1. hi girls- so i've seen some threads with qu's about how to care for your HH leather. there isn't really any guidance from HH, and not much field testing on tPF so maybe you will be interested in my little drama today.

    yesterday i got my new Suki Ladybag in Saddle and promptly & excitedly took her out today. towards the end of the day, i noticed that the side that faces me had turned a smokey charcoal color, a dye transfer from my black jeans. i tried not to cry and promptly got myself to a computer to search tPF for advice. some people recommended applecare products, baby wipes, going to a cobbler/leather professional, and using a white eraser (like on the tip of a pencil, but only the white ones). to stave off the tears, i had to do the quickest thing possible... so the pencil eraser it was. after 20 min or so of gentle rubbing (testing a hidden part 1st), i have to say it worked really well. there are still 1-2 small (pea sized) areas that are a bit darker, but the big huge smokey smears that looked like a fingerpainting project gone horribly wrong have vanished!! using the eraser is a bit nerve wracking, because it removes the stain, and then the leather looks *lighter* than the non-stained normal leather around it. but if you just run your finger over the cleaned up areas, it turns back to the normal color (maybe the oils in my finger?).

    these jeans have been washed many times and never rubbed off on other bags i own, so i am a bit terrified now about the softness/vulnerability of HH leathers that are unfinished and super soft/porous seeming like the saddle. loving this bag so much just shaved a year off my life i think!! :death:

    i'm going to be alot more careful from now on, and probably carry an eraser with me!
  2. thanks for the heads up! I have also used those Mars Plastic erasers and they work really well too!


    I love the Suki bag too! Can you post some modelling pix? Or at least some non-stock photos?
  3. I'm glad the eraser worked! I, too, would have been so sad if it didn't!

    And I second the clamor for modelling pics!
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your bag, but glad the eraser worked fairly well. I had jean stains on a camel-colored Tano (crunch leather) and LMB cleaner worked fairly well. I ended up deciding that no matter how many times you wash certain dark jeans, it's better to just stick with dark bags when wearing them.
  5. Yes! These are the erasers I use too! :yes:
  6. thanks everyone for the tips!!! i'm going out to get one of those erasers today and ordering some cleaner. and citychris - that's exactly the conclusion i came to yesterday... as soon as i saw the stains i was thinking 'i am such a complete moron for not realizing this would happen.' a little more awareness in the morning (starting my coffee IV earlier?) goes a long way :smile:
  7. ps - i think i've summoned the courage to post some modeling shots this weekend. i am pretty camera shy but for the sake of purse love everywhere, i will be brave ;)

  8. Yes, please be brave. We would love to see YOU modeling the culprit to your anxiety! :sweatdrop:
    But alas, all is well and thanks for posting your "story" and giving us a heads-up.
  9. Tenmosquito -
    Wow - thanks for posting the image of the Mars eraser...very helpful.
    Now, I will need to go out there and find this creature. I have an off-white/winter white bag that hasn't seen the light of day for fear of rub-off/stains, etc. I need to condition/weather proof it before heading out the door. This eraser in pocket will be helpful as well.
  10. Yes...please show us modeling pics! I'm still trying to decide on a HH bag!
  11. No probs!

    You should have no problem finding them at office supplies stores. I have been using them since grade school! Awesome erasers!

    I have one just for bags! Hahaha
  12. I just picked one up at the Pearl Arts/Supplies in my neighborhood... 79 cents!
  13. I can't wait either!
    I am thinking of getting this bag too! In either the black of the saddle! I can't decide!

    So funny.. the HH people (I got to speak to 2 of them) one says Black and the other says Saddle! So much for helpful advice! HAHAHA
  14. jandelvis, you are my Suki hero!!! I got a dark stain on my saddle Suki too, and I freaked out searched "stain" on the handbags forum, and what do you know? I find this thread! So I used a white eraser, and it worked! Thank you so much!
  15. I have a white HH and the firsr time i used it, the blue from my jeans rubbed off on it. I was heartsick about it, and the folks at HH were useless. I used my Coach cleaner, and the blue came right off. It was weird, tho, because these jeans also had been washed many times.