my hayden harnett belt handled clutch is here!

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  1. today is/was a CRAPPY universe day (puppy pooped inside the house, broke my rear view light), but a great purse day. My ebay epi jasmin and french purse were authenticated at the lv store with minimal trouble :amuse: AND my hayden harnett belt handled clutch arrived. ladies, i am NOT kidding when i say it is THE most DIVINE leather i've ever felt!!! i usually am not a fanantic about the way leather smells, but seriously, i could sniff it all day long. it is soooooo soft, i just want to snuggle it up to my face and breathe deep!!

    and the purse is HOT!! Looks good on the shoulder and as a clutch. I can't wait to use it! Actually, now I'm wanting to pull a pseub and get one in every color! :lol: I wish i could post pics, but for the life of me i canot find my camera cord :sad2: . Will def post pics once it is found!
  2. Congrats! Post pics when you can!
  3. Love Hayden Harnett. Just got the hobo in black and I love it. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats on your new HH clutch. I love HH, too. I have the Mercer Satchel in Chalk on the way from Shoppingallure. Trying to cancel the Luggage color from blondette because they're taking too long. Can't wait to see your pics!