My Hawaiian Beauty (Reveal) - The wait is over

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  1. 7 days. 2 continents. 4 airports. 34 hours in the sky. Without further ado, here is my most beautiful baby yet. :biggrin:

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  2. Live one! Yay!
  3. :popcorn::drinks: make it quick please.... it is after all midnight and I know you have jet leg please do not spread it :P
  4. Yay ! A live one!!!
  5. I know some people started making guesses on the S/S 2001 thread so let me recap what we know so far:

    1. This bag has been revealed a number of times on this forum... I think I'm going to be #8 so we not only have bag twins but bag octuplets!
    2. The Spring/Summer 2010 thread was not the appropriate place to do the reveal
    3. I called it "Old Love" - because it actually is my real HG (not including my "unrealistic HG" - the Cigar Ostrich Cabat :P)

    One more thing...

    4. I personally never thought I'd own this bag style - but this was just too hard to resist
  6. Tye Dye????
  7. :popcorn:


    A cabat!!!!

  8. Tell us already!
  9. I guess I'll have to see it when I wake up!!!!

    TDL, I am sure I will love it and the pictures :P

    Good night!!
  10. And if you still haven't guessed... I've decided to be bag octuplets with jellyblob, Baggiana, oj_lo, MarvelGirl, goldenflower, SCL and orchids. I actually thought there were more out there? (or maybe they're still lurking...)

    We also have an extended & fraternal family with sbelle, blueiris, uclaboi, foxie-pooh, jeshika, sweet rabiit and calisnoopy.

    After 2 years of quietly lusting and stalking a number of BV stores, I've pulled the trigger on the medium PO! I've always wanted a metallic BV and after seeing all the metallics that came out over the past 2 years, I could say my heart still belongs to the PO!


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  11. Gorgeous and the pictures are TDF!!!!

    Way to go on getting your HG!!!! Wear in beauty and good health!!
  12. Oh man!!! I am glad I come back for another peek!!!

    This is beyond gorgeous!! :yahoo::yahoo: I am so so happy for you TDL!!!

    I am sure you are a very very happy girl and I share your excitement.

    Oh yes, the frangipani is a very nice touch and great pictures~!
  13. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. Hurrah!! Congrats, my fraternal bag twin! :ghi5: It's gorgeous, and I can tell that you already love it. Enjoy, enjoy!
  15. Here are some close-up photos of the weave. I have seen around 5 or 6 of these PO's IRL and I must say that each one looks fairly different. The one I have has more gold in it... which I love! And I could see the Nero and Moro tones as well. I have less of the darker, oxydized portions.

    (all photos taken without flash)

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