my haul from the dvf sample sale!

  1. i made a special trip to nyc today for the dvf sample sale. i've been lusting over one of her wrap dresses for a while and i ended up with 3 at $150 each! this is the first sample sale that i've ever been to and it was crazy but so much fun! the place was an absolute zoo, there were so many girls there and people were buying like the stuff was free. i think you lose all sense of shame in the dressing rooms... there were almost 15 girls trying on stuff in a makeshift room together behind curtains. everyone was just running around in their underwear trying to try on 10 things in 10 minutes. so crazy...

    anyways, let me know what you girls think. also, do you think these dresses are ok to wear in a business formal office?
    black dress.JPG blue dress.JPG brown dress.JPG
  2. I like 2 and 3. Can I ask what time of day you went? How long is it on for?
  3. i got there at about 2:30pm and walked right in. there wasn't a line or anything. i left around 3:30pm and it was starting to get a little more crowded. it's on until friday... there is a thread about it in the deals and steals section. definitely go if you like dvf! the selection of styles isn't huge but they have stuff in every size.
  4. oooh, nice, you got such a good deal! i love #2!
  5. omg they had the taurus/ stars dress? i am DYING for that! shoot. i cannot make it there. dammit. do you know if they had a 12? those are all so nice! and def fine for the office.
  6. :tup:
    I love DVF especially her iconic wrap
    dresses, awesome haul!!!
    (wish I live in NY :drool:)
  7. i love the first and last dress. so fab!
  8. love all the dresses! they all look great on you, i so wish i could go
  9. Love all of them! What a steal, congrats! I think 2 and 3 will be great for work ;)
  10. I love them all. DVF dresses are fantastic. Great price too!!
  11. i think they did have them in a 12. i'm not 100% sure though... but they definitely had a much wider selection in 12 than 0. they have a few of every dress out for each size at a time and restock until they run out. try going if you have time. they kept putting new stuff out all the time.
  12. Great haul!
  13. Love them all!!! Congrats on the great find. I think number 2 and 3 work well for business formal office, and i think the first one might be better suited for business casual fridays? (although of course, it depends on the dress code at your office)
  14. You inspired me. I'm going to try to go today.
  15. Love all of them on you!
    Can you tell me about #1 -the one with black bottom and print top-how is it running in size? i am interestd in it