My harvest for red christmas

  1. Well, i want to the sale intending to get the corallo veneta. And i ended up getting this instead! The color is far too stunning to ignore. I just had to have it!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    Plus the matching wallet! :yahoo: Choosing this fantastic color was a no-brainer!

    There were many corallo and the light blue accessories on sale. bags, wallets, straps, make up clutch big and small... There was even some old petra accessories. Like the card holders, phone straps and key chain etc. none of the wallets tho'. All the corallo on sale were display pieces. There were many greens too.

    Most of the sale items at Harbour City are sold out. Go to the one newly opened at elements. It may be small, but it's got loads of sale items.

    In the meantime, i cannot stop staring at my wonderful red veneta. :shame:She's my first one too!!!! :nuts:
    redveneta_wallet.jpg redveneta.jpg
  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love Carmino! Many Congrats:woohoo::woohoo:
  3. WOW! Beautiful!
  4. Stunning.....enjoy....and wear it in good health
  5. It's gorgeous - stunning colour! I just came in with my maxi Veneta and love it .... and you will love this too!
  6. Congrats! She's a stunner! :love::heart::love: Is she carmino (fall 07) or cassis (resort 08) red?
  7. Gorgeous BV! Enjoy your new bag. Its perfect for Christmas. :drinkup:
  8.'s beautiful! i love the matching wallet too! looks like a wonderful red christmas to me :yes:
  9. Your bag is so pretty, have a very carmino xmas!
  10. hey luna,
    congrats on the pretty carmino veneta!
    its definitely an item on my list of things to get!!
  11. Mystiletto: it's a A/W carmine.

    Thank you everyone for your kind compliments! I love it soooooo much. :pTHe leather smell is divine and it's soooo smoooshy....:wlae:

    I can't believe i waited this long to get one! I'm now aiming the old ball in brown!:wtf:

  12. LOVE that color!! :heart::tup:
  13. totally gorgeous, _luna - what a score! carmine is my absolute favourite colour of this season.
  14. You got one of the most desired colors from BV!! It sounds like a wonderful sale in general--I'd have a hard time walking away without getting more, but you have a beauty there!! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Luna, was the carmino on sale where you are located?