My happy little family!!

  1. Just wanted to share a photo of my b-bag family with the people who helped to make it happen! I have spent so much time here in the past month and learned a LOT! I thought I would take time to photograph them since I think I might be done for least for this week!! :yahoo: :supacool: :love:


    I seem to have a blue thing going on so I thought I would put all of them together to show the differences.

    Blueberry/ Sky Blue/ Ink


    I also wanted to add a photo of the comparison between ink and blueberry. I really thought they would be closer in color but they seem to be very different.

  2. OOOHHH! hubba hubba... LOVE the pics of your family!!! :drool: :love: :tender:
  3. Looooove them!!!! What a gorgeous family portrait!

    Congrats on such a beautiful family, luv!
  5. gorgeous girl.....I love them all....
  6. YOU HAVE A "BEAUTIFUL" COLLECTION OF CITY BAGS!!! The colors are all stunning! GORGEOUS Family!!!! Thank you for sharing your pics with us (great pics)!
  7. Thanks so much for sharing my excitement! No one around here gets nearly as thrilled as I do when the FedEx guy shows up. :yahoo: :graucho:
  8. :love: your entire collection!!!!
  9. love love love it~~~
  10. wow! we have the same taste in color! excellent collection!
  11. Thanks for the pictures - they are all just beautiful
  12. Woah... BEautiful collection. Thanks for sharing! =)
  13. Great collection, they are all beautiful! Congratulations!
  14. Majorly wonderful eye candy, all of them. yes, I love them all. especially that brown one... WOW! Like dark chocolate mousse brownie. :drool:
  15. OMG, I can't stop staring. Choco mousse brownie... get in my belly!