my happy 2 clutch weekend!!

  1. :yahoo: I had a lucky weekend! I had decided to bite the bullet and buy the 2 timeless clutches (red and black caviar) I had been yearning for these past few months. I found the red thru the best tPF/eBay'er - bought it Sat. and it arrived this morning! - although I lost out on the black one. But, surprise, my SA at NM actually found one for me (in the back of the closet!) and even better I got it at the pre-increase price. :happydance: thanks for letting me share :smile:
  2. Congrats on scoring not one but two timeless clutches over the weekend!!!
  3. Wow! Awesome! You gotta post pics of your new beauties! CONGRATS!!!!!
  4. The Timeless Clutches are gorgeous, double congrats. =)
  5. wow congrats :dothewave:

  6. :p Awesome! So glad the red arrived so quickly. Isn't it gorgeous?:heart: Also congrats on finding a black one AND at the pre-increase price. :yahoo:
  7. congrats! i love the clutch. BTW, what is the post increase price???
  8. Congratulations.
  9. congratz!!! I love the red one!! :love:
  10. Awesome! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. Enjoy your new purchases.
  12. YAY!!! Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    LOVE the timeless clutches...I had a 2-clutch day at the end of February when I got the black and the white... :shame: ;)

  13. Red timeless clutch! I'd like to sop that up with a biscuit!!!;)
  14. Lucky you! I love both of those colors in the clutch. I want to get one in by fall to take on my cruise.

  15. wow--two beautiful choices! congrats!:yahoo: