My hands are gigantic :(

  1. I never really noticed that they were so damn big! Yesterday, I was trying on gloves and none of them was even close to fitting my fingers. When the sales woman asked to help me, she took my hand in hers and I swear she gasped!:wtf:
  2. Aww hun, I have the opposite problem, most of time I can't find good gloves that fit because my hands are too small!

    Don't worry about it, that SA was rude to gasp. I'm sure that if you have a good look around that you'll be able to find the perfect pair of gloves that fit look great :biggrin:
  3. I have the same problem Gena! My fingers are really long, but my palms are really tiny. I've NEVER been able to find a pair of leather gloves that fit.

    Fortunately there's always a silver lining so embrass your big hands! For me,
    having long fingers makes playing piano much easier.
  4. I'm sorry :sad: If it makes you feel any better, I have gigantic calves.
  5. lol,

    too bad you're not a man, you know what they say about big hands :p
  6. Lol, a little OT, but my bf has tiny hands . . . barely, barely bigger than mine and I'm a small girl (5'2").
  7. Don't worry about it. I have gigantic feet and you need more shoes than gloves...
  8. Aw. That wasn't very nice of the SA.:s
    I have really looooooong fingers and always get asked if I play the piano?:confused1:
    My husband will sometimes called me ET.
  9. I will trade you my huge ass for your huge hands:lol:
  10. I am with ya ! I have very wide palms for a woman, i can't wear bangle bracelets because most of them can't fit over my palms! My fingers are a normal size-it's just the palms.
  11. I have normal-sized palms but very long and thin fingers. Even when I was born, people were saying that I should play piano.
    I also have muscular calves. This makes skinny jeans and boots less than enjoyable to find sometimes.
  12. :lol:
    I have long fingers:smile:
  13. You know what, the SA was very nice. I really think she was just shocked because my hands really are that out of proportion with my petite frame. She also happened to have tiny hands which made my hands look that much bigger.

    I can find gloves, just not the ladies Coach ones that I had my eye on. I have to settle for Men's medium, which are far to wide but at least my fingers fit.

  14. I think that is my problem to, now that I look at my palm it does seem small compared to my fingers?? My palm's length is an even 4" while my entire hand (wrist to middle finger) is 7 1/4".
  15. No kidding:graucho::graucho: