My Handmade Purse Charm site is Up!>> 10% off for TPFers!

  1. Hi All!

    The first pieces are now up. I'll be adding new ones daily. I'm doing a 10% discount off my already low prices (lol) for TPFers and shipping quick via Priority Mail with a flat rate no matter how many charms you buy. Need I remind you...the Holidays are coming....

    There's a fun keyring for GUYS
    (should he not want a purse charm this year... :wtf:). By midweek there will be many more pieces up, including beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces and soon I am going to do some custom frame charms so you can carry your sweetie or DD or pup or whoever with you.

    Custom orders are welcome - just ask. Thanks for looking! pvbee
  2. Your charms are really pretty!
  3. Very nice!! I've added your site to my favorites.
  4. I already need two of yours! I'm tryin g to be smart and waiting for more of your designs, but Id ont think I can!
  5. Very adorable. I think I'll wait for more designs .. But I already know I have stocking stuffers this year. :smile:
  6. So cute! And so original too!
    Thanks so much for posting this. :yes:
  7. So cute!!! Congrats on the site, I bookmarked it.
  8. Very cute ideas! I really like the one for him and the "spinner" heart!
  9. Really adorable!
  10. What wonderful charms!::smile:
  11. Very Cute and just in time for the holidays!:flowers:
  12. Wow, they're all so cute!
  13. GREAT stuff
  14. They are really nice and diffrent, congrats.
  15. your charms are very original and so pretty!
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