My Handbags

  1. Here are my bags, I finally got around to posting pics. Had some difficulty because my digital camera images were too large for the file so I used my cell phone. If anyone knows how to change to lower resolution for photos from a digital camera let me know:

    1. Large Diamond Stitch Tote
    2. Outdoor handbag(not sure of correct name)
    3. Metallic Luxe Bowler
    4. Medallion Tote/ Oldest bag in the collection
    Photo-0009.jpg Photo-0010.jpg Photo-0012.jpg Photo-0013.jpg
  2. I love bag #2, I saw it in Saks about a year ago. The leather is beautiful and so is the trim!
  3. Beautiful Janice! Your square tote is the Diamond Stitch. Love it!! I also love your metallic luxe bowler. It is my favorite Chanel bag!
  4. Really nice collection! Timeless and elegant choices!
  5. I LOVE them all....Thanks for sharing
  6. beautiful collection!
  7. lovely - and they're really timeless pieces!
  8. Great collection!
  9. You have a beautiful collection!:heart:
  10. Thanks everyone. I posted the name of the bags not in the correct order. Oh, well :shame: .
  11. Your collection is really beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. Love your medallion tote Beautiful collection
  13. Gorgeous collection. I love it all!
  14. Great collection, thanks for sharing the pics
  15. very nice collection.