My handbag mistakes. Yours? And Why?

  1. I am reviewing my collection and want to list what I consider to be my "handbag mistakes" -- bags that I won't keep. They are:
    Marc by MJ original Faridah: too pebbly leather, too hunky a handbag. Bought it without seeing it in person.
    Gerard Darel 24-Heures in Gold: bought it because it was only $159 on sale at NM. Looks garish.
    Mulberry Rosemary in Black: too small.
    Burberry Novacheck Tote: bought it because it was the cheapest one I could find in the Novacheck look, which I thought I liked.

    Bags I've "outgrown"
    Celine Messenger Bag in Monogram Canvas: the proportions have become too small.
    Ghurka Suede Satchel: suede, never again. Looked like s--- two minutes after I used it.

    What have I learned?
    Never buy something just because it is cheap.
    Never buy something without seeing it IRL.

    What about you?
  2. It is much better to see a bag IRL and testing it on your shoulder before committing. Right now I have a good collection, I did have some bags that weren't right for me so I sold them.
  3. I've had wonderful luck without seeing it in real life and I've had terrible luck - that's when they go back!
    Hey - just sell what you don't want anymore - and make some money for what you do! :tup:
  4. I would say my MJ Sophia, and the Beregren Moreea in marine. The Beregren is nice-but I don't like having no shoulder strap-which I knew going in. Most of my others I love!
  5. I've bought too many evening bags just because they're pretty; I don't go out enough to justify more than 2, but I have 8.

    Not knowing how to determine authenticity or taking time to ask others= wasting $300 on a fake BV. It was incentive to learn everything I could.
  6. I also have too many evening bags. I buy them to wear to one certain occasion and then never look at them again. They end up as Christmas gifts to my boyfriend's young daughters . . . is nine too young to wear Prada?
  7. Mine is lilac First(Bbag) from last summer sale. I always want to have at least one bbag.City is my favorite size. First is too small for me(tend to put my world in my bag) and i can't really find many choices of outfits to go with it.Lesson learned: Never buy a bag just because it is on sale.
  8. My handbag mistake was the only bag I ever bought on eBay. It is a Longchamp bag that looks like a backpack. As soon as I took the bag out of the box, I was suspicious of it, was it real or fake and what is it's name? I could never find another one listed anywhere. Plus, it smelled like smoke or something musty. I contacted the seller but she was not very interested. The seller said she bought it at Nordstrom, but silly me, when I looked into her previous feedback, she had purchased it from another ebayer. :cursing:I really resent that bag, it cost me about $250.00 and I never carry it because I won't carry what could be fake, and I can't sell it because I wouldn't sell a fake. Oh well.
  9. I have alot of boo-boo's that I've sold on eBay.

    LV mini sac - what was I thinking? It's stupidly small - and I think I must've looked like a moron carrying it
    LV deauville - as a handbag it was wayyy too big (I'm barely 5'2!) and I hardly travel!
    LV damier alma - I was always against the triangle shape of the alma, but on a whim I bought it - it lasted a few months before selling it
    LV MC trouville - I hate the shape of the trouville - it looks like an old fashion suitcase or something - and the MC was so not me - but I oh, so wanted it to be. Shame shame - but it sold for a good cause - with the money I got from it I bought my bbag which I still love :heart:
  10. For me, the Chloe Paddy satchel just simply did not work. It was extremely heavy, that lock at the top of the closure was supremely impractical, the handles are a bit too long for a comfortable handheld bag, and a bit too short to be comfortable over the shoulder. It was too bad, because I love the way they look, and the leather is TDF. But I carried this bag for only a couple of days and then sold it.
  11. It is comforting to see we all make mistakes -- and to learn from other's mistakes. I'm learning a lot from reading your posts. One thing is our fantasy about a handbag -- how it will look, how it will feel. And another thing is the reality: does it work in my lifestyle? Is this handbag functional, too heavy, hard to get in and out of, too big, too small, too difficult a leather to care for? So keep posting ladies!
  12. Oh heck - waaaayy too many mistakes!
    Marc Jacobs quilted chain hobo - so blooming heavy and hated the chain.
    Chloe Paddington - really liked the bag but sooooo ungainly to carry. Took the horrid chunky lock off immediately.
    Chloe Edith - returned it because it was so heavy.
    Ri2K bag - what was I thinking - salmon pink???!
    Red Billy Bag hobo - felt like an overgrown kid using it!

    And these are just a few of my (many) bag mistakes...
  13. Sarajane -- the theme in your mistakes is: heavy and bulky. What are your handbag successes that you love and use regularly?
  14. I have too many to list. I have a studded Fiore that is very heavy. Plenty of classic Coach that I no longer use but pristine. All my Rafe New York handbags. I blame it on the sale and myself being impractical. Sometimes, I buy a bag that I think I'd use but never. I also have a bunch of bags that ranges $200-300 on sale that I no longer use. Also, all my cute small purses.

    Lesson learned: Not to buy those cute purses just because it's on sale. Avoid the thick leather with nice hardwares because is back breaking for me.
  15. A year and a half ago I went to Paris and bought a mono speedy at LV. That was because Everyone here at the PF said a speedy was a MUST! Well it wasn't a must for me -It never saw the light of day - I sold it. It was one mistake that taught me to stick with what I think works for me and not be so easily persuaded.