My handbag mistakes. Yours? And Why?

I am reviewing my collection and want to list what I consider to be my "handbag mistakes" -- bags that I won't keep. They are:
Marc by MJ original Faridah: too pebbly leather, too hunky a handbag. Bought it without seeing it in person.
Gerard Darel 24-Heures in Gold: bought it because it was only $159 on sale at NM. Looks garish.
Mulberry Rosemary in Black: too small.
Burberry Novacheck Tote: bought it because it was the cheapest one I could find in the Novacheck look, which I thought I liked.

Bags I've "outgrown"
Celine Messenger Bag in Monogram Canvas: the proportions have become too small.
Ghurka Suede Satchel: suede, never again. Looked like s--- two minutes after I used it.

What have I learned?
Never buy something just because it is cheap.
Never buy something without seeing it IRL.

What about you?

handbag helen

Dec 5, 2006
It is much better to see a bag IRL and testing it on your shoulder before committing. Right now I have a good collection, I did have some bags that weren't right for me so I sold them.


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
Here & There
I've had wonderful luck without seeing it in real life and I've had terrible luck - that's when they go back!
Hey - just sell what you don't want anymore - and make some money for what you do! :tup:

JNH14 crisis!
Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
I would say my MJ Sophia, and the Beregren Moreea in marine. The Beregren is nice-but I don't like having no shoulder strap-which I knew going in. Most of my others I love!


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I've bought too many evening bags just because they're pretty; I don't go out enough to justify more than 2, but I have 8.

Not knowing how to determine authenticity or taking time to ask others= wasting $300 on a fake BV. It was incentive to learn everything I could.


fashionable geek
Apr 23, 2007
I also have too many evening bags. I buy them to wear to one certain occasion and then never look at them again. They end up as Christmas gifts to my boyfriend's young daughters . . . is nine too young to wear Prada?


Jun 7, 2006
Mine is lilac First(Bbag) from last summer sale. I always want to have at least one bbag.City is my favorite size. First is too small for me(tend to put my world in my bag) and i can't really find many choices of outfits to go with it.Lesson learned: Never buy a bag just because it is on sale.


Apr 29, 2007
New England
My handbag mistake was the only bag I ever bought on Ebay. It is a Longchamp bag that looks like a backpack. As soon as I took the bag out of the box, I was suspicious of it, was it real or fake and what is it's name? I could never find another one listed anywhere. Plus, it smelled like smoke or something musty. I contacted the seller but she was not very interested. The seller said she bought it at Nordstrom, but silly me, when I looked into her previous feedback, she had purchased it from another ebayer. :cursing:I really resent that bag, it cost me about $250.00 and I never carry it because I won't carry what could be fake, and I can't sell it because I wouldn't sell a fake. Oh well.


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
I have alot of boo-boo's that I've sold on ebay.

LV mini sac - what was I thinking? It's stupidly small - and I think I must've looked like a moron carrying it
LV deauville - as a handbag it was wayyy too big (I'm barely 5'2!) and I hardly travel!
LV damier alma - I was always against the triangle shape of the alma, but on a whim I bought it - it lasted a few months before selling it
LV MC trouville - I hate the shape of the trouville - it looks like an old fashion suitcase or something - and the MC was so not me - but I oh, so wanted it to be. Shame shame - but it sold for a good cause - with the money I got from it I bought my bbag which I still love :heart:


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
For me, the Chloe Paddy satchel just simply did not work. It was extremely heavy, that lock at the top of the closure was supremely impractical, the handles are a bit too long for a comfortable handheld bag, and a bit too short to be comfortable over the shoulder. It was too bad, because I love the way they look, and the leather is TDF. But I carried this bag for only a couple of days and then sold it.
It is comforting to see we all make mistakes -- and to learn from other's mistakes. I'm learning a lot from reading your posts. One thing is our fantasy about a handbag -- how it will look, how it will feel. And another thing is the reality: does it work in my lifestyle? Is this handbag functional, too heavy, hard to get in and out of, too big, too small, too difficult a leather to care for? So keep posting ladies!


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Oh heck - waaaayy too many mistakes!
Marc Jacobs quilted chain hobo - so blooming heavy and hated the chain.
Chloe Paddington - really liked the bag but sooooo ungainly to carry. Took the horrid chunky lock off immediately.
Chloe Edith - returned it because it was so heavy.
Ri2K bag - what was I thinking - salmon pink???!
Red Billy Bag hobo - felt like an overgrown kid using it!

And these are just a few of my (many) bag mistakes...


Apr 28, 2007
I have too many to list. I have a studded Fiore that is very heavy. Plenty of classic Coach that I no longer use but pristine. All my Rafe New York handbags. I blame it on the sale and myself being impractical. Sometimes, I buy a bag that I think I'd use but never. I also have a bunch of bags that ranges $200-300 on sale that I no longer use. Also, all my cute small purses.

Lesson learned: Not to buy those cute purses just because it's on sale. Avoid the thick leather with nice hardwares because is back breaking for me.


Nov 2, 2005
A year and a half ago I went to Paris and bought a mono speedy at LV. That was because Everyone here at the PF said a speedy was a MUST! Well it wasn't a must for me -It never saw the light of day - I sold it. It was one mistake that taught me to stick with what I think works for me and not be so easily persuaded.