My handbag is bigger than me!

  1. I'm a petite girl, standing at 5'1 only. I love huge bags but when i carry one of them on my shoulder, the bag is bigger than me! I recently bought the large Gucci positano, I feel like people keep looking at me like if I'm crazy or something......I just love my bag :crybaby:I LOVE huge bags!!!.....
    sorry, just needed it to vent.
  2. I'm only 5'3 and I also love bags. I just think of them making me look smaller, but in a good way.
  3. hmm i love big bags also, but i never worry about it making me look small since i'm 5'7".... but if you love the bag then who cares what other ppl think
  4. I'm probably going to be shot, but I believe that as beautiful as your bag is, if it's disproportionate--"is that a word?" to you, too big/small, it just doesn't look right. If you love how you look, then that's OK, no matter what others think. However, if you're questioning the look, perhaps you're not as comfy as you want to be. If the bag is too big, it's too big, let it go.
  5. I am 5'3 and I love big bags
  6. I wouldn't worry about it, almost all my bags are HUGE and I'm 5'4''
  7. People were staring at your bag with envy... as long as u like it who cares what they think... I love big bags too... :tup:
  8. I'm 5'2" and all my bags are huge and my stuff that i put in them only take up like 1/3 of the bag BUT i love big bags!! I'm afraid if i get a small one it doesn't give me the option to fit more in it hahahah I must look ridiculous but who cares!!
  9. I love big bags too... don't let other people bother you, they're just green with envy :yes:
  10. I am a short girl as well but love big bags too :smile: If you're comfortable, then who cares! Don't pay attention to the stares, they could just be admiring your beautiful bag!
  11. I'm 5'7 and when I wear my positano people stare too! It's a hot bag, they're just jealous! haha I'm kidding. But i really do get a lot of compliments, they probably just like it!
  12. woot, big bag lovers!
  13. Wear whatever you like! To heck with everyone else. Three people this week commented about my very "large" bag, saying that it looked like luggage (it was an LV speedy by the way). This has happened to me a million times now...I'm starting to wonder if my friends and family are just trying to talk me out of buying expensive bags. In any event, I'm 5 foot 5 and I still get the stares and the comments. I'm sure you wear your bag well. Rock it!
  14. Any modeling pix?
  15. I personally don't like big bags. I only like large handheld bags (Fendi spy.....!). I just feel that if it is lower down it doesn't "compare" itself to my body as much. Whereas if I have it on my shoulder it just stands out more. Hope that made sense.