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  1. Girls, Could you give me any feedback you may have on my new site??

    There's not many bargains these days but all these boys giveaway and reverse auction sites that have become so popular were never putting any fun items on for us girls, so I started my own reverse auction site (Charlotte's Auction) recently.

    Bids are made by text message so it's nice and easy, and instead of bidding the highest price, you have to bid a low price which hopefully no one else will choose!

    I've started off with a Chloe Paddington because I think they're so cute. I also popped a LV mini pleaty and a Tiffany & Co necklace and some Jimmy Choos. Mmm!

    The first round of auctions will close in a week's time and then I get to have the fun of delivering the bags to those lucky girls who won them! That's going to be the fun bit!

    It's just a bit of fun but also it is a great deal in a day and age when there aren't many great deals to be found, especially in the beautiful handbag market!


    AG x
  2. Sorry, promotion of your own site is allowed for established community members only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.