My Handbag Collection!

  1. I am a girl who's very much dedicated with taking good care of my stuffs.. Well! Here are my handbags currently.. Most of my handbags are Chanel, and I have one LV left. Of course, I don't buy fakes! I also have one Pink Luella handbag and some others from other brands such as Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Mango, etc. which was bought when I was still on my high school. I'm already 22 years old and collected a lot of handbags through these years! :smile:

    Here's my Chanel Collection!​

    My Nine West Handbags​

    My Guess Handbag​

    MNG Handbag​

    Mark's N Spencer​

  2. Wow
    Loving the chanels and the Luella. G:heart: rgeous
  3. Wow what a fab chanel collection
  4. Those classic Chanels would look amazing together in one family photo! :nuts:
  5. Love the Chanels, especially the white one! I like to admire white bags since I'm too scared to spend a lot on one.
  6. Love all your Chanels..
  7. Loves the Chanel, what a great variety of them ! :yes:
  8. Great collection! Thanks for sharing
  9. wonderful collection :heart:
  10. your chanel's are tdf...:smile:
  11. Awesome bags. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Lovely Chanel collection!
  13. Thanks! :biggrin: I love Chanels, really.. But I think I'm addicted to them! I love white Chanels the most.. But I end up buying black instead of whites because it gets dirty quickly.. That is why I only have one white. Hehe! :biggrin: Again thanks! :biggrin:
  14. Love the Chanels!!
  15. And I would love to have more Chanels in other colors! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: