My handbag collection, your thoughts, and I have a question. Lol.

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Kristin. I am 13 years old and live in New York. My love is handbags. In fact, while I'm in college I hope to intern at a magazine's accessories department. That is my dream.

    But anyway, I was wondering what other people think of my handbags.

    1. Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Pouchette
    2. Burberry-
    3. Coach Signature Small Hobo
    4. Coach Signature Demi
    5. Two Dooney & Bourke It Bags
    6. Michael Kors new fall '07 bags

    Thats basically it this far (about a year). I would LOVE to get a few big bags but I'm only 5'1" and it would look like I'm carrying my moms purse. Silly.

    I do have a couple of questions for all you diagnosed bag addicts, however:

    1. What do you think of my bags this far? What do I need? Some essentials??

    2. I'm going to the Emilio Pucci and Marc by Marc Jacobs stores looking for bags this weekend. What do you think of Pucci bags? Marc by Marcs?

    I love Pucci bags. They look killer with little black dresses. They totally pop. I like Marc by Marcs because they can go with everything you wear (his leather ones). What are your views?

    Thanks so much for the view and your time.
  2. the burberry bag is in black, not nickel, by the way.
  3. Wow, very impressive. At your age I think I was probably still carrying a Hello Kitty bag!!

    I love MJ, but I'd go for a nice Pucci. They are more fun and colorful, and as you said, they really pop against black or solid colors. On the other hand, if you wear a lot of prints, you may want to go for a solid colored bag.

    Let us see what you end up with!
  4. Hi Kristin!
    That's a great collection! you should post some pics! we love pics!!!
  5. Wow, you're starting early!

    My suggestion is Pucci, because it's so different from everything else. And I love their prints. Please post pics if you get one. I'll be jealous!
  6. thanks so much guys. within the next hour, i will have a picture up on the next post.
  7. Congrats! What a great collection to go to HS with. I just had a Jansport backpack then. Enjoy finding something that you really like. I love the Pucci prints, so have fun looking around this weekend until you find something that you absolutely love. Then you'll always have something that you want to take out with you.
  8. Crumbs, when I was 13 I was still climbing trees!!!
  9. lol. yeah, i hope i find something. i will post about it next week!
  10. Pretty impressive collection, especially for 13. My pride and joy at that age was an Esprit tote!
  11. Very impressive! I'm sure you'll become a very active member!

    I'd go for the Pucci, they are so pretty and fun. I love my MJ, but it's kinda heavy.
  12. Sounds like you're off to a good start! :tup: From what I can tell, all of the bags you have so far are smaller in size. If you're looking for a smaller bag, I believe Pucci has some cute pochettes. Marc by Marc Jacobs is nice, but I don't think the selection of smaller bags is quite so great.
  13. I absolutly am in love with my pucci bag (a green/blue/purple/yellow/white stripe pouchette with a thick leather handle). It literally goes with everything that I own and fits everything I need for the night. I would definitly recommend you getting that bag first.
  14. Great choices hon! I say its about finding your own style. You may not like some bags that we may suggest but you may like them later! Happens to me all the time. When I was younger I'd look at some designer purses and think "why would anyone pay 2635$ for THAT?!?! eww!" meanwhile you could get a prettier or more fashionable purse for so much less! But if you get into fashion and get used to seeing the different styles it makes more sense..its a whole new world. Also diff bags are sometimes better liked by diff age groups..some are classics some are not. I think Puccis and Jacobs are really cute, if you like them definately go for it. Be warned though, browsing pics on the different forums here WILL start new addictions and rob you of your money. Be careful! Hope you have fun searching and please post pics:drool:
  15. Great bags. :flower:

    I would go with the Pucci. Much more fun!