My handbag ardor has cooled?

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  1. Has this ever happened to you?
    Maybe this is temporary... I think it's b/c I love my two new bags so much, it's hard for me to imagine carrying something else. Is this just a massive honeymoon stage? I've never lost my bag-drive before.
    I look at my Neiman Marcus wishlist, and I could easily delete three quarters of it. I'm... sated.
    It feels so bizarre admitting this! :hrmm: :oh: :wondering
  2. Yes, I have found when I buy enough of something it is cooled down for a while. I only have 1 bag I am eyeing on my watchlist on eBay, and after that (if I buy it) I think I will be done done. Maybe next year I will need a new one, but not now!
  3. It happens to me. I def. go in cycles...right now is a slow down for me too.
  4. Same here....mostly because I have 2 knee injuries and bags just don't seem that important at the moment. But, I'm still looking...
  5. same here, i always babied my newest foundings :p
    but i still try to circle my bags

  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear that. :sad:

    Hope you feel better soon. :flowers: