My Handbag Addiction

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  1. Here is my handbag collection
    1. LV Cherry Blossom Retro Sac
    2. LV L'Imprevisible (plum)
    3. LV Eye Love You
    4. LV Manhattan GM
    5. LV Multicolor Speey
    6. LV Le Fabuleux
    7. LV Monogram Cerises Speedy 25
    8. LV Mongram Macha Waltz
    9. LV Sac de Nuit
    10. LV Denim Neo Speedy

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  2. here's the last picture

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  3. Wow, an eye love you bag, that's not something you see every day. Great LV collection. ;)
  4. Great Collectgon!!! How has the manhattan GM bag? I was trying to make a choice on gettting that bag but passed because so many SAs were telling me that the back is heavy even without contents in it, the buckle can get in the way of easy access and it seemed more like luggage and not a bag. How do you feel about it?
  5. wow congratulations - great collection - I love the waltz and the eye love you bag :smile:
  6. You have an unbelievable assortment of LVs! I love your collection! You have a little bit of everthing .... wonderful!!!
  7. Wow, what an amazing LV collection! I love the Le Fabuleux :smile: And of course the MC speedy and the Neo speedy, I would get those in a second if I could afford them :P
  8. wow!!! its so WOW!!
  9. Love your Suhali bags!!! Great collection!
  10. Wow, beautiful LVs...I guess we all know who to ask LV questions...;) .
  11. nice collection! you have some really great bags there
  12. WOW i'm so jealous...I love LV, GREAT collection!!
  13. You have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing!
  14. :love::love::love: The ostrich trimmed one! Gorgeous collection!

    I totally love your LV collection esp. the LV Manhattan GM! I looked at this bag before I got my LV Speedy 30 and thought, "Crap this bag would be the best to have" - but couldn't afford the extra $1000!

    Thanks SO much for sharing your collection, i could stare at your photos for hours!!!

    PS, i am really doing work! ;)