My Hand-made Jewellery

  1. I enjoy making simple glass jewellery to sell at craft fairs. Here are a few photos of my work ...
    zz2.jpg zz3.jpg zz7.jpg zz4.jpg
  2. you sell your jewelery at craft fairs and I'm sure there's an entrance fee...
    why don't you create a website and sell them online cause it cost like nothing to run a website now a days and your payment plan is with Paypal
    Just my 2 cents, oh yeah, the jewelery look nice.
  3. beautiful colours...great work...

  4. I have done a few, there always seems to be so much jewelry!
  5. I've also some collection like that. Website and payment method system are perfect as you described. But now I'm thinking what's will be the delivery system. Specially when a visitor purchase something from my website ?
  6. I love your stuff. I always look for ones very much like you make but longer with a thin chain and the bead at the end. Not many people at the craft fairs make this style. YOu should add a few to your collection and see how they would sell. I would buy them.
  7. Stunning Collection :smile:
    Embroidery designs