My hand feels NEKKID!!

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  1. I took my ering to the jewelers yesterday becuase I noticed that the diamond felt loose in the setting. On the advice of the lovely ladies of this forum, I wanted it taken care of as soon as could before it got worse & the unthinkable happened.

    An SA and the manager both looked at the ring & agreed that the diamond was loose in the setting. We filled out the necessary paperwork, and I will be WITHOUT MY ERING until mid-week next week.

    I'm so sad & my left hand feels so naked without my ering!
  2. I feel your pain. The same thing happened to my ring last fall. At least I had my wedding band. The worst was when I had to have a fingernail taken off. I had to be without my rings for about 2 weeks. I kept touching the area it felt so bare.
  3. I hate not having my rings on too! I hope you get it back soon!:biggrin: