My Hamptons Signature Carryall has arrived!!!

  1. I am so excited! Fedex came today with my Hamptons Carryall! It's a large carryall and is super big! I was nervous about the size because I need it for all my baby stuff but I am glad I can put everything there and I still have the half of the bag empty! It is beautiful!!! and a little heavy too... :smile:
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  2. Beautiful bag Marcela! I have the medium one and can't use it when I am with my kids unless I am carrying a diaper bag too. This seems like it would be the perfect size. Congratulations and enjoy!
  3. Wow, this bag is TDF! Perfect as a diaper bag/toddler bag. Great choice!
  4. Yay.. I am so happy for you.. it's beautiful and you're one fashionable mama :nuts::p
  5. Oh thank you! Yes, it is a pretty bag but you know... when you get something and you are like "Should I exchange it???"... I asked my husband and he say that is nice but he just don't care so much about bags so whatever bag is the same for him.
    The thing is that I see everybody talking and talking about the Carly and I feel like "I want a Carly too!!!" like a little girl...
    I don't know what to doooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help. And honestly... what do you think? What I do? You think it look like my grandma's bag?
  6. I think your Hampton will work better for you while you are still carrying around bottles and diapers and such. The Carly would be much too slouchy. The Hampton you can put a bottle on each end standing upright and put stuff in the middle. The Carly, no matter how you packed it, the bottles would fall over and no matter how well you cap them they would probably end up leaking.

    You need to post pictures of you modelling your gorgeous new bag!
  7. Marcela- It is a timeless, classy bag! It is NOT your Grandma's bag! You'll be able to use it long after your need for a diaper bag, too! :heart: it!
  8. Marcela,
    Absolutely gorgeous bag! Wear it with pride! You're one hot mama!:wlae:
  9. That's a beautiful bag---so classy! And no, that doesn't look anything like what my grandma used to carry!
  10. Beautiful choice! Congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!
  12. I think it's perfect for what you're wanting. I agree that in the Carly you probably couldn't keep anything organized, it would all get lost. Maybe you can get a Carly later and then you'll have both.
  13. Congratulations on your newest arrival!! I love the sound of the Fed Ex truck..:roflmfao: Enjoy your new bag while doing some holiday shopping. I want a new handbag to go Christmas shopping with.
  14. Don't get a Carly if you want organization - I'm always digging around for my wallet, keys, etc. Too slouchy! The Hamptons tote is perfect. Rock that tote hot mama! :graucho:
  15. Is beautiful Congrats:nuts: