My hairdresser ruined my bag

  1. Today I went to get my haircut and highlights. I go to a good salon, and the owner did my hair for many years as I followed her to different salons, but now she owns this one and i go to one of her stylists. I was getting my usual - highlights and a cut. Well, for as nice as this salon is, the one thing that always bugged me is that they have you put your purse on the floor by the wall of the stylists station. Knowing this, I don't bring my LVs with me. Today, I took all my stuff, put my ludlow in my pochette, and my lv makeup bag and 2 cles together and packed it all in one of my favorite 'kick-around" bags - a Fossil buttery soft winter white color leather tote. I just adore this bag! my stylist accidentally splashed hair color on my bag!!!! When I saw it, she tried to blot it out. No luck. So she goes and asks someone and he said to put hairspray on it. First he asked me "can it be put in the washing machine?" What an idiot! So, they put the hairspray on (I should've stopped them right there) Of course if made it even worse. Oh, it gets better. Then she says that there is a dry cleaners that she knows of that might be able to get it out.
  2. seriously? i cant believe that! so does she assume youre going to pay for someone to attempt to dryclean it? im so sorry that happend to you..but thankfully it wasnt a louis. keep us updated! i hope it works out!! :sad:
  3. omg, I am so sorry that happened!!! I am glad you don't take your LV's (or any designer bag for that matter) to the hair salon. Where I go, its the same: put your bag on the floor under the station...I am always worried it will get kicked by the stylist/chair or collect dirt from the floor.
    I think the salon needs to reimburse you somehow for this...or at least give you some kind of gift cert for free service.
  4. continuation of 1st post - my computer messed up!

    When I was ready to leave, I tell her to take the purse and call me when she finds out from them if it can be cleaned. Then, they proceed to charge me my $240 for the service. I said," Wait - I am not paying until I get my purse back in perfect condition" They said I had to pay because that is with the salon, and the purse accident is between me and my stylist. I am SO ticked off right now! Am I wrong in thinking that maybe the stylists would have offered to cover the service until we figure out what to do about the purse? Thankfully all my LV accessories were safe on the inside! So I left there with all my belongings in a paper bag and paying. Now I feel stupid that I didn't just walk out and not pay. I've known the owner all these years though (she was not there today) so I didn't want to make a scene and what if they called the police or something I would have been humiliated.
    Sorry this is so long. I just needed to vent to people who understand. The bag only cost about $160 or so, but I sure loved that bag
  5. yikes, I'm glad it wasn't an LV or other expensive bag ... sorry that happened to you, they need to somehow compensate you, if not replace the bag itself.
  6. I think they could have at least offered a discount on your hair but I dont think they should have compensated you unless it was on purpose or something... it's a risk taking any nice bag to a hair salon for this reason. I'm sorry about the bag though.
  7. first of all.....all reputable salons we have here give us plastic bags to place our handbags in..then we seal them.....
    i cant beleive they made u pay though!!!WHAT JERKS!
    call the salon owner in the AM and tell her how pissed u r......make a stink
  8. Wow... totally not cool! I think they should reimburse you somehow too. :hrmm:
  9. First: Thank god it wasn't one of your expensive bags! Although you loved the bag they ruined.
    But secondly, dry cleaners can not take hair dyes and hairspray off your leather bags. I know this because I asked a dry cleaner about my chanel bag (a long story) and they said no!
    I am sorry this happened to you. I think you shouldn't go back to that place. Let your wallet do the talking for you. My hairstylist always puts my bag in a safe place (a cabinet inside her station so it doesn't get stolen of stained on). You never know what can happen when you get your hair washed or colored. Good luck.
  10. well I would talk to the owner and tell her nicely what happens, they should cover the bill of your bag out of the stylists salary. Its unfair that this happened, and I dont think you should have to pay for anything. In my salon, if the stylist I booked with is off and they dont ring to tell me, I get discount, so I think they should have offered alot of discount for this.
  11. Oh my that sucks.
  12. She should pay for that!
  13. ((HUGS)) and sorry this happened. On the bright side at least it wasnt your lv. Have you asked the own about replacing your bag?
    I have learned from other posts here.. My bag (regardless of what i'm carrying) goes under my cap.
  14. That's awful but thank goodness is wasn't an even more expensive LV. They ruined an item that is important to you and I think they should be liable - to me they don't seem all that worried about your bag.:tdown:
  15. does the stylist rent a chair /space from the salon? If not the salon is responsible ....