My hair keeps getting caught in my necklace!

  1. My hair keeps getting caught in my necklace, and it's driving me crazy. The little baby hairs on the back of my head keep getting caught, and it hurts!

    Also, how do I get these hairs out of the necklace?? It seems like they wrap themselves around the link thingy, gets all tangled and it ends up being a little ball that's impossible to get out.

    Any ideas how to get them out and how to prevent this from happening? I hate it when this happens :sad:
  2. I don't have an answer 'cause the same thing happens to me! Ouch!
  3. same happens to me and it HURTS!
  4. This only happens to me on snake or "rope" chains. I suggest wearing curb chains instead, which never snag my hair, or even wheat chains.
  5. ^^:yes: change the chain
  6. ^^ yeah, i agree as well. sometimes i have problems too but i don't know or haven't heard of a way to stop that from happening. anybody can englighten us if possivle?
  7. new chain lol. there really isn't anything to be done about other than shaving your neck:yucky: and wearing your hair up all the time. Some chains just "do" that no matter what you do. A new chain will fix it (not the same type though!!)
  8. I have to agree with the 'new chain' idea. I have several older chains that kept snagging my hairs and I just had to give up on them. Unfortunately I really liked the one that snagged. Not sure what else there is to do about it.
  9. I've had the same problem so I didn't wear necklaces to often. Now I have my hair short and don't have to worry about it.
  10. as gross as it sounds, you can rub a teeny bit of olive oil on the chain (provided it's plat. white gold, YG, etc.) and this will keep it from catching your hairs and having them get tangled up in the chain or clasp.
  11. I have the same problem with certain chains, hair getting stuck, ouch. It is hard to get the stuck hair out of the links too. I sometimes use a tweezer to grab the hair on the chain and then use a little scissor to cut the hairs that are stuck on the links. Not to close with the scissor though or u might cut the chain. The hairs unravel once you cut them down a little and u can just slide them off the chain.
  12. i noticed that it only happens to me when the chain has a lobster clasp. I usually get it changed to the round spring clasp and it's ok.