My hair is stright as a whip! what can i do to make it wavy/curly?

  1. Hey! I'm Kirstie and Im totally new to this fourm and I have a question about hair types. I have stick stright fine hair, and its still growing out because I did a stupid thing and bleached it a few times (extremly bad idea, and i'm never bleaching again haha) so my hair was dead for about a year. But now its healthy again and although its not all one length I wanna make it curly! lol. So if you have any tips or something it would be appreciated! :biggrin:

  2. I tried to use the curling iron and rollers to make waves but rollers and curling spray did the trick. But then I was too lazy to do curlers each morning so I ended up going to get a permanent wave.
  3. I also have congenitally and incorrigibly straight hair, so I can relate to your desire to have curls and waves - even once in a while, even for a little while, but the only thing that you could really do is curl it with chemicals, which would be just as bad, maybe even worse, for it than bleaching it.

    I remember the day of my junior prom, spending twelve hours, yes, twelve hours! in a salon, where the entire staff tried everything they could think of to make my dream of those godawful sausage-curled updos that were unfortunately popular back in that particular paleolithic era come true, and finally ended up essentially sculpting them out of about a half ton of Dipity-Do (the preferred styling gel of Ancient Man) and Aqua-Net Laquer - not just the spray, mind you, Laquer, all on top of an infrastructure of old school hairpins laid in about every quarter inch all over my head - and even with all that, the whole tragi-comic study in experimental architecture began to derail before the goo on the "going out the door" Polaroids was dry.

    The good news is that today, thanks to the magic of extensions, you CAN have curls - and without wearing a wig, which was the only real choice for a long time.

    And even more good news - the demographic shift in the US means that more salons will have people who are familiar with the limitations and sad realities of all the various and glorious flavors of what the mainstream calls "ethnic hair," and are therefore much less likely to essentially shut down shop and spend an entire day gang-torturing a teenage girl - even one who is foolish and ignorant enough to think that her waist-length horse-mane textured stick straight hair will curl - and vain enough to submit to a day of hell learning that it won't - not even for prom!

  4. :roflmfao: Ohhh Shimma, you crack me up!

    To the OP I have no clue how to help you lmao. I have super straight hair also, but it curls when the curling iron tells it to:yes:

    Have you tried the curling gels and sprays from Avon? I use the body gel and spray, it works fairly well IMO.
  5. I have a friend with extremely straight hair that uses heated rollers every morning to get slight curls in her hair. This may not be right for you but you could try it???
  6. I think the key is the curling spray. That does miracles with the curling iron and rollers. My hair never stayed wavy for more than an hour before I started using that.
  7. lots of volumizing mousse, hair dryer & velcro rollers

    I also have fine stick straight hair & it took me years to find a way to make it wavy

    curling iron if you want shortcut.

    I also permed my hair couple times & it looked really nice
  8. Shimma.. :roflmfao: You somehow managed to put sausage and updos in the same sentence.
  9. lol thanks for those posts. im definitly going to buy a curl enhancing spray or shampoo.
  10. I have a classmate with very long, very straight hair and she curls it EVERY SINGLE DAY. She told me her strategy: she uses V05 hairspray and sprays her hair like crazy with it. Then she uses a 1.75 inch Conair curling iron (the one with multiple heat settings) and she uses that to make curls all over her head. She curls them in either direction. Her hair is always perfectly curled and she swears it only takes her 5 minutes.
  11. Shimma, LOL

    Such as the grass is always greener.
  12. What kind of curl spray is the best to use?
  13. OH this brings back memories! :roflmfao:
    And don't forget the nice white layer of ash that covered your head when you brushed it out!
  14. Okay, now that I've stopped laughing enough to answer - I have had little luck with curling irons. What has worked is a 1-inch flat iron! (and no aqua-net!)

    There's a thread here also about a using the flat iron:

    I have a different flat iron, and it still worked. The thread even has a link to a video tutorial!
    I sprayed my hair with Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion, dried completely, then sectioned hair and sprayed a bit of the same lotion on each section, then used the flat iron to curl. It took a few times to practice first, but then, I figured it out - when going for the curled look - grasp hair in flat iron then give it a near 360 when pulling hair through. Those suckers stayed all day - even in the humidity and sweat of a wedding (not mine!).
  15. ^ my ears are burning :biggrin: thanks for linking to my thread ;) i curled my hair yesterday night with the GHD and i didn't even use any hairspray. the curls seem to LAST FOREVER! well, until the next shower that is :p