My hair is DULL and LIFELESS

  1. So I have no idea what happened - but my hair in the past 2 weeks has been dull and lifeless. I've tried everything - from drug store brands like Sunsilk to Salon Products like Paul Mitchel to varying Frederick Fekkai products - even the clarifying rinse! Nothing seems to work - my hair isn't just flat, it looks like complete crap. Maybe a new hair cut? A dye maybe? I find dye tends to infuse hair with a nice shine if it's done every so often. Any ideas? I'm at a complete loss :sad:
  2. try cutting it and get a deep conditioning at your salon. also get it cut in layers.
  3. At my salon we do clear shines on our clients who feel their color is either fading and looking dull or just want some extra shine. It is a dye that just adds shine and a little more life to your hair without adding any color. A rev-er upper if you would. If not, try using some of Matrix's Biolage products they have a few shampoos and conditioners as well as leave in's to help reconstruct your hair into better shape. Trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks will help the condition of your hair as well.

    Good luck!:smile:
  4. I know this will sound crazy but my stylist did this to me when I was having the same thing and for a week people told me how awesome my hair looked. Ok... in a little bowl you mix about a 1/4cup of baking soda and them mix enough shampoo to make a thin but not to thin paste. Shampoo it into your hair and work it into each strand. let it sit for 1min then work it in again. Rinse then wash hair once more with just shampoo and then use a really good conditioner. This will strip your hair of all the crap and it will look awesome. I promise. Dont leave it on as long if you have color treated hair.
  5. You should get a haircut and maybe some color/highlights.
  6. Mine has been the same way lately...Dull, lifeless, dry, frizzy...Ugh :sad: It's horrible. I went to get my haircut on Thursday, and it didn't really help :sad: I need some major moisturizing action...
  7. Cool tips!! :biggrin:
  8. I like to do this too except I use probably half the amount of baking soda than stated above and just a little shampoo plus enough water to make a thin solution. I don't shampoo twice. This very effectively clarifies your hair and lets you start again with a 'clean slate'. After rinsing out the baking soda I coat my hair with the most moisturizing conditioner I have and let it sit for 30-60mins like a deep treatment. Skip the blowdryer and just towel blot and air-dry.

    I'm not sure what your routine is like but you may be doing too much to your hair. Try to reduce the styling products and stick to one type of shampoo and conditioner for the present. You can get a cut if that's what you want but I personally think there are other ways to revive your hair without losing any length.

    lamiastella, adding a teaspoon of honey to your conditioner makes it even more moisturizing as is leaving the conditioner in for longer :yes:
  9. Rinse your hair in cold water. The cold temp makes the cuticle lie down flat. That is the only way to add "real" shine to a hair follicle. When the cuticle is flat, it creates a more reflective surface.
  10. I just got some Ojon deep conditioner, and my hair has snapped back to life--doesn't hurt color treated hair at all--makes it very silky/reflective
  11. You might want to try Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo and Daily Deep Conditioner. They're only around $6 each, but they're very nice. My hair isn't normally overly dry, but I dye it, so I need something nourishing. It's a little hard to find. Sometimes Wal-Mart will have it near the African-American hair products, for whatever reason. My local Kroger grocery store has it also.
  12. Ojon is THE BEST! Totally recommend!!
  13. It could be the weather. My skin and hair are both suffering with the cold weather we have been having lately. Maybe a vitamin would also help. That way you could treat from the inside and the outside. I know certain medications or changes in your diet can also make your hair act strange.
  14. I just tried the baking soda + deep conditioner trick on my hair and it definitely FEELS much softer. I didn't style my hair because I'm just hanging out babysitting this afternoon, so I can't tell if it looks better...worth a try though!