My hair is acting craaaazy (Help!)

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  1. So I really need some advice here. My hair is light brown, very thick, and curly/wavy. I never straighten or blow dry it, and I'm not out in the sun often. The only time I do damage to my hair is curly it a bit when my hair is in a ponytail to make it less frizzy. You think I would have healthy, smooth curls but I don't! I tried to straighten my hair today but it was impossible. The back felt very strange (almost greasy), so that I had to go over each piece of hair at least five times and it still had curl in it. I used a pea-sized amount of smoothing product and evenly distributed it throughout my hair.
    While the back felt and looked greasy, the front felt like straw! My hair is not dyed and I use nice shampoo and conditioner. I also use a GHD iron which works lovely on everyones hair but mine :Push:
    When my hair is curly, no matter what I use, my hair will frizz like no other. I have worn my hair down no more than thirty times in the past three years (excluding showers).
    I honestly don't know whats wrong with it! I know curly/wavy hair is drier that naturally straight hair but it should not be this bad. I have become obsessed with other peoples hair and have at least 20 headbands!
    School is about to start in a week and I want to be able to wear my hair down and be comfortable with my hair.
    Please help! :sad:
  2. our hair sounds very similar. imo the most important steps are to use a frizz serum on the hair while it's wet/damp and to blow it out straight first and then use the GHD.
    also, you may even consider and staightening cream or gel.
  3. OMG...bless your heart! I laughed so hard I cried at the obession part. I've been there too. I swear I think everyone's hair goes through freaky phases. God knows I've had my share. Have you tried using a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner lately? Sometimes that makes a difference. HTH! :yes:
  4. LOL its true! Im always thinking about someones hair other than mine and stuff.
    Ive been thinking about clarifying shampoo but I dont know if it will make the front of my hair even drier than it seems. And I deep condition once a week. I really hope its just a phase because my hair looks disgusting. I would chop it off but then I would look like my poodle.
  5. It sounds like my hair and yours are very similiar. Mine is thick curly and currently brown too (maybe i'll go blond though, idk yet).....all I can say is product. I'm not one of those people who can just take a shower, not do anything to their hair and leave the door. I guess I just don't have the kind of hair that will allow it. I have to put at least one leave in product in (a product after i shower that stays in the whole day?) my hair, or it will get all frizzy and poofy. And you're probably not doing this right now, but don't brush your hair if it's curly. I did it elementary school and it was not a good sight. Lmao. I swear by Frederic Products. The curl cream, well the whole curl line that he makes is really good. As well as the Protein Repair conditioner if you ever do damage your hair, but it doesn't sound like you do. GL.

    And I know what you mean about wanting other people's hair. I tend to hate my curls, especially in the summertime when it seems like everyone has straight sleek hair in the hot heat. But we're really lucky you know when you think about it because we can wear our hair curly or if we want to we can get it to look naturally straight with expensive flat irons. Now people with straight hair, (my friend has stick straight hair that I adore and she complains of this all the time) they can curl their hair but most of the time it doesn't look like real, natural, curls. There is a difference in how natural curls look and curls from a curling iron, btw I love both though.
  6. Aw sweetie, I've been there before too. During junior high and high school, I didn't know how to tame my very frizzy and unruly hair. It was a nightmare!

    Now being 23, I've learned how to maintain it and keep the curls intact throughout the day. First of all, I grew my hair out. I'm not sure if you have short or long hair. But during school, I had hair up to my shoulders, and realized that long hair will weigh down on the curls and thus not letting it frizz out as much. Now, the longest layer of my hair is literally to my boob. :P

    I alternate my shampoo and conditioner everyday in order to avoid residue build-up. (Although lots of tPFers suggest using baking soda in your shampoo to get rid of the build-up. I haven't tried it yet.) Also, try to rinse your hair conditioner with cold water. Cold water is better for your hair strands and keeps the moisture locked in. Another tip is when you towel dry your hair, I squeeze my hair dry. Don't rub the towel into your hair. Your hair is most delicate when wet.

    I use a Pantene-Pro V leave-in conditioner. (It's called Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Lisser.) I'd definitely recommend some type of leave-in. It keeps your hair super moisturized.

    I shower at night usually. So after I comb in the leave-in, I put my hair up in a clip and go to sleep. (I know, it's actually bad to go to sleep with wet hair! My BF always scolds me for this. But with my hair type, I can't avoid it.) :shame: This way, the leave-in really moisturizes my hair while in the clip.

    In the morning, I remove the hair clip and my curls are still there. I just need some hair gel to keep it from frizzing out. I use Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel. I scrunch in into my hair and let it air-dry. Comes out perfect every time! :tup:

    I'd also recommend you use some type of hair mask once a week or so. I'm always trying new products. Right now, I'm using Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask twice a week.
  7. My hair is thick but silky and very straight. So unlike yours and although I can't help you--I hope your hair problem gets fixed before school starts!! I'm starting in a few weeks and nervous too. :// good luck!
  8. Thanks for the ideas and support everyone!

    Mcb-Im currently using Fekkai curl shampoo and conditioner and its not really working for me... And I also used to rock the short and poofy hair in elementary school. I looked hawt :supacool:

    Lunatwinkle-My hair is past my shoulders when its curly and Im still trying to grow it out! So far I think Ill buy a clarifying shampoo because maybe the greasy wierdness in the back is caused by too much product? And I think Ill try going to bed with my hair wet and in a clip. That might work!

    Frostedcouture-Your hair sounds fantastic! I hope so too. Im considering going over to a salon to recieve a hair glaze/hair gloss. And maybe some special moisturizing treatment. Thanks for the luck :smile: Ill need it! And good luck with your first year of high school!
  9. I would be really happy with it if my hair was still straight when I wake up in the morning. I sleep on it weird all the time and usually have to straighten :sad:( I haven't dyed for at least 3 months I think. and that was my first time. I'm going to dye it right before school starts so I get a nice long break. I've heard great things about hair glazes, you could possibly get that done. I think it would make a big difference. THank you for the luck and you're welcome for the luck. ;) hehe
  10. I also think you should try a clairafying shampoo to help with the weird greasiness in the back. Every now and then i use plain ol' Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo followed by a deeeeep conditioning treatment. It will give your hair a nice fresh start :smile:
  11. I too have to sleep with my hair in a clip or pony tail at night, and try not to toss or turn so much while I sleep to mess up my hair. Lol. my hair routine is similar to lunatwinkle's.
  12. I agree with the suggestions to try a clarifying shampoo - I recommend Aveda's Detox. :tup:

    Please keep us updated ... I hope you are able to find a solution before school starts!
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    I am a hair dresser, so I thought I might give you some application pointers. The key to using the clarifying shampoo is the application. All shampoo (not just clarifying) should be applied to the scalp first (evenly to the front and back roots/scalp) and massaged in, and then whatever was already applied should be worked down the hair. This should not dry your hair out, since the majority of the product will be applied to the scalp. Then you should follow with a deep conditioner. Be sure to apply the conditioner to the midshaft down too the ends. Once you've done this, whatever is left on your hands can be worked through the upper portion of your hair although try not to get in into your scalp or close to your roots.
    Anyway all that said, I think you are probably applying too much shampoo to the front of your hair (not enough to the back) and too much conditioner to the back(not enough to the front), and that is most likely your problem.
    Good luck.
    Also, I don't recommend a "glaze", because most glazes have chemicals in them that can actually make your hair dryer after a short time, although stylists will not admit that/or agree with it I'm sure. Get a deep conditoner at the salon, but make sure to mention that you don't want the back greasy.
  14. It looks like you've been given some great advice, and I wish you the best of luck! I can't help you out any, because our hair is very different, but I can relate even if my experience was a different sort.

    Anyways, good luck!