My hair gets SUPER greasy so fast!! help

  1. I wash my hair it drys and within 1 hour its greasy again!!! I even put baby powder in it and that doesnt work for very long it looks all white and horrible! Does anyone know of a good shampoo or conditioner that will make my hair dry???thanks
  2. i have short hair with bangs and mainly the bangs get greeasy. i am growing them out so maybe it will be better..
  3. Unfortunately I don't know anything specifically, but maybe if you only put conditioner on the ends and not the roots it would help with the oiliness.
  4. Try Oscar Blandi's Pronto,it's a dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil.It also comes in a travel-size and spray version.
  5. what products EXACTLY are you using now?
  6. i use kerastase bain divalent shampoo so my hair doesn't get greasy as fast and conditioner only on the ends
  7. Yes, and how often are you washing it? Washing everyday can make your scalp overproduce oil, so perhaps try going 2/3/even 4 nights without washing and then use something really gentle with NO SLS in it and a conditioner without silicone and see how you go.

    You could also try a clarifying rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar (rinse it out thoroughly) to reomove product buildup.
  8. I have baby fine/oily hair and I use Biolage Normalizing Shampoo. Just started using it recently....working pretty good so far. My hair isn't as oily.
  9. I use Back to Basics clarifying shampoo. It's womderful.
  10. Beyond the Zone Strip Search shampoo, or if you can't find it, dishwashing detergent.
  11. Another thing that helps is only putting conditioner on the bottom 2/3 of your hair some of the time. It gets most oily at the roots and the top of your hair doesn't need conditioner as much or as often as much as the rest of your hair because it gets more of your natural oils.
  12. Try to avoid washing your hair everyday. Also--someone previously mentioned Blandi's Pronto dry shampoo--but any type of dry shampoo will help. Stylists use it all the time to make hair have more volume and hold styles better. I actually use PSSTT dry shampoo on days I do not wash my hair. It works great and costs only $6 at CVS!
  13. Does this happen just now, was everything fine before? Is it possible coz you changed products?

    I have an oily scalp and a dry hair, not a good combo at all. Like someone said earlier, Kerastase is an excellent source for all kinds of hair. They're pretty pricey but worth it imo. Also, the idea of not putting conditioner on your scalp is another great idea worth trying.
  14. I know someone that had this problem too. They used Neutrogena Therapeutic T-gel shampoo. They used it every other day. You can get it anywhere... Target, Wal-mart. Good Luck!
  15. thank you so much all. I am using ABBA complete shampoo... I will switch now thanks so much