My Hair Color is Wrong!

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  1. I went to may hair appointment with pictures of what I wanted my hair color to look like. I showed my stylist pics of Angelina Jolie on the cover of this month's W and pics of Stephanie Seymore and other not so famous brunettes with warm chestnut hair and gold highlights. I had light brown hair with gold highlights before. I specified that I wanted to maintain gold highlights. The colorist broght out swatches for me to look at and I told her they seemed very red to me. She said they would give me the brunette color. I picked the least red of the two swatches because I believed her!! She put the color all over my hair with no foils in it for highlights which concerned me but she said that where my old highlights would show through the new color giving me the look I wanted. Long story short I am now a redhead with no highlights and it is a DARK red. I was so shocked I just thanked her for doing my hair and left. I do not want to go back to the same place because after such a screw up I do not trust them with corrective haircloring. I am prepared to eat the cost of the original appointment but I hope I can change my haircolor to something warmer and more natural. This cool dark red is too unnatural for me, and I have important events coming up for which I would prefer what I originally wanted- brunette with golden highlights. Is there anyone who has had an experience like this who had their haircolor fixed? Did it damage your hair? Do I have to give up on golden highlights now? Can you even make a dark permanent red into a chestnut color at all?
  2. im soo sorry....but for me personally i would call the salon and talk to the manager or the owner and explain the situation and tell them exactly what happened and they should fix it because it was her mistake...

    i worked at a salon for over 5 years and if there were a couple occasions when something didnt turn out like client wanted and they called and we fixed it no problem at all.

    you might have to wait for the hilites for a little but because of the red and trying to remove red with bleach might make it orange...but i would honestly call the salon and explain the paid money to have your hair done and it isnt right

    good luck and keep us updated
  3. ooh nooo i would NOT just leave it like that...i would have complained right away. I would have told her this is NOT the color you wanted and go speak to the manager and tell them you want it fixed and of course will not pay for the color correction. That happened to me before...i bought in pictures of the color i wanted and the thickness of the highlights and the hair dresser totally messed up. She tried to fix it ...i still wasn't happy so i told her i wasn't paying they had 2 chances to do my hair right and they didn't. I wasnt going to give them a 3 times to try and mess up my hair again and i didn't have to pay!! You must call and speak up for yourself
  4. Well although you might hate in now, if it is a red color, it will wash out pretty quickly. Thats just the nature of red colors. Last month I tried to go for something different since fall was coming and wanted to go a bit darker. I hated hated hated my hair when I had got it done. A week later it softened up and I loved it.

    But if you are really disappointed I would definitely go back to the same place and talk to the manager, the sooner the better.
  5. My hair was ruined by a bad dye job at a salon once too. It was terrible! I wanted it to be red and it came out this terrible rusted blonde color. I went back and complained and the salon had me come back three times, free of charge, to have my hair dyed back to it's natural color.

    Salons would much rather fix your hair and have you be a semi-happy customer than a pissed customer spreading bad publicity about them. That's why if they're a good salon they'll fix it free of charge!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you, something like this once happened to me so I totally understand how you're feeling...:crybaby:
    I would go back to the salon and tell the manager what happened and ask your money back. Then I would wash the hair few times to see how much it fades, red colours usually dont last well and especially bleched highlights wont keep colour well in generally - so there is really hope your golden highlights might start to show after few washes! Then I would go to some trustworthy colorist for re-dye, I wouldn't trust to this colorist anymore.
    In my case they removed the (wrong) colour which dryed my hair really really badly and I ended up with horrible yellow coloured dry short hair.
    - So dont let anyone to remove the colour, it's really drying operation! Rather wash it few times and maybe it fades enough.. I hope you'll end up with the hair you've been dreaming of so you can forget this nightmare. Good luck!
  7. ...also if you end up re-dye your hair in another salon ask that horrible colorist to write down the brand and the shade of the dye she used, that way you can make sure the next dye will come out perfect bc they know what's been done to your hair and what dyes work well with the dye you have on your hair.