My HAC was very cold today...

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  1. she got herself a scarf.:jammin: But we sadly do not have H in Seattle:crybaby: , so I had to settle for LV.
    It almost matches perfectly....

  2. :nuts:

    Me likie!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Could you post more pics of your Blue Jean HAC? TIA!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  3. thats hott!
  4. Looks nice!
  5. That's lovely and cozy.
  6. Cozy is right! And the bag is TDF!
  7. Oh, beautiful Elizabeth! They look like they belong together!!!! More pics, please!!!!!
  8. Gorgeous Elizabeth! A perfect match---and I love your HAC!!!
  9. wooo now your HAC looks comfy womfy!! perfect match!! Love it!
    more pic pleaseeeeeee:love:
  10. looks like the HAC is comfortable now....gorgeous bag!
  11. You have such a lucky HAC!! I think the scarf goes with your gorgeous bag very well.:yes:
  12. I love it! Both the bag and the new scarf!!! I hope your HAC is warm now - lol
  13. I don't know which I love more! THey are both so beautiful!
  14. ooooh!!! so nice!!!!! i LOVE it!! i just bought an LV groom line agenda with the blue to match my BJ kelly!! might have to check out that scarf now!
  15. Dinner was very good! thank you DH...

    Here you go...


    and I'm spent...:upsidedown: