My Hac in Barenia & Horsehair Crinolin

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share a pic of my HAC in Barenia and Horsehair crinolin... I find the combo very "old world". I use this as a carryall for travelling....

    I also have a blue jeans birkin (have not taken pics yet...)...... and an etoupe birkin on the way!

  2. It is just stunning!!!! Welcome to TPF!!!!
  3. That is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing pics!
    And please, for someone waiting to get a blue jean birkin one day, PLEASE TAKE SOME PICS FOR US GIRL!!! LOL!!!

    And Welcome to the PF! We are glad you joined us!:flowers:
  4. I never saw this bag before, it's horse hair???
  5. I love Barenia!!! And Horse hair!!! Thud! (baggaholic's on her way to heaven)
  6. Please concider watermarking your pictures. You don't want these leaking out right? :smile:
  7. ^angie, is that you???????????
  8. Thanks everyone...

    everyone on this forum seem so nice and friendly

    Its a fabric made of different coloured strands of horsehair (the tail hair)... and then sewn together... I love barenia ages very well...

    will take bj birkin foto soon
  9. Gorgeous HAC!! Congrats!
  10. Oh this is such a gorgeous HAC!!! I saw the same combo (a big size though) in the store two years ago and got to touch it person, absolutely incredible!
  11. What a fab bag! I saw one of these couple of yrs back at Hermes S'pore. You must be travellin' in style. I also saw your bj on the other thread, also a fab bag!
  12. HI ANGIE!!!!!! Beautiful bag! Just beautiful! I"m thinking the horsehair makes the larger bag a little lighter???
  13. That's beautiful!!! Very different!
  14. Archangel, welcome to PF!!! :flowers:

    I :love: :love: :love: your Barenia/Crinoline HAC & BJ Birkin!!!
  15. I absolutely LOVE your birkin. The horsehair is so fitting for Hermes, I just ADORE it. I think I really would love a horsehair birkin. I too love that old world feel. ..I recently held a black horsehair birkin, it was very light compared to the vache liagee birkin I held. My question is, do you think that I would have to be alot more careful with this bag as an everyday bag because of the few horsehairs that stick out?I noticed that on the black one some hairs stuck out and the SA said that it is very normal on any horsehair birkin and should not be any problem. I am fascinated by the sewing of the horsehair, so intricately sewn, just stunning. Do you think it should be a problem as I would plan on using it ALOT. (I have a weird feeling my DH may have bought it for me, but really who knows?)I won't find out until our next celebration anyhow.