My H goodies

  1. Guess what!!! had gone to H today and picked up a pegasus cadena and Le Mors A La Conetable pouchette!!!!!!:smile:
  2. What a beautiful scarf. Stunning choice. Congrats on your new purchases!
  3. Stunning! Love that pochette on your beautiful Kelly! Gorgeous!
  4. Gorgeous both of them!! Congrats!!
  5. Oh wow! Everything is just gorgeous! ENjoy in good health!
  6. That's two great choices Uma, hope your Kelly loves her new presents, she sure looks good with the pochette, they look lovely together, congratulations, did you have fun choosing?

  7. love your goodies, congrats!!
  8. lovely goodies! enjoy!
  9. beautiful!
  10. Such nice presents for your beloved Kelly!
  11. Gorgeous, your scarf looks fabulous attached to your beautiful Kelly!
    Congrats and Enjoy.
  12. Nice loot!
  13. J'adoooooooooooore !!!
    Congrats Umamanikam !!!!
  14. stunning choice!
  15. You have great taste, UMA!!!!! Very, very nice choices!!!!!