My Gustto Persa Arrived

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  1. And I am ever so happy I bought it. I will cut my own throat and say it's equal to if not better than the Baca. It is a medium sized bag but just like those Gusttos, they seem to grow as you fill them. You can see by the pic of the bottom of the bag how it expands. It's ultra soft like Gusttos and has the perfect length shoulder strap. This bag is the Bomb and I've already moved into it.


    Persa side.JPG

    Persa Top.JPG

    Persa Bottom.JPG
  2. I had no idea it was that deep, wow, I like that about Gustto. They have very unusual shapes in bags, quite innovative.

    That Persa is a keeper Lexie!
  3. Great bag Lexie! Everything about it is fantastic (the color, shape, size, weight, etc.)

    Do you find that the leather is more like a Baca or the Setela? And what kind of lining does it have - plain yellow or bumble bee y&b?
  4. Great bag!
  5. Really gorgeous bag, congrats! Is that a current style or was it an ebay purchase?
  6. Wow. That's really beautiful!
  7. Wow, Lexie!!! What a gorgeous bag! I love the color. It is sooooo rich!
  8. This is a bag from last year. There were only 2 left on Shopzane and myself and someone else in here got the last 2. I called Gustto and the bag is discontinued and they have none in their warehouses so I knew I had to get it quick If I wanted it.

    I'd say the leather is more like the Baca (very soft and squishy) but it seems a little thicker and sturdier (more like the Setela). It has plain yellow lining...and YES, it is Ghetto lining and is ill stitched, just like we expect from all of our 600.00 Gustto bags....LOL I know I laugh because I don't know why I would put up with such bad craftmanship on linings but the outter leather is worth the price of the bag.
  9. Wow Lexie! Its such a beautiful bag!
    What a great find!
    Great purchase!

    And this store seems to be quite good too! Very efficient - I thought it was yesterday or the day before that you said you placed the order?
  10. Gorgeous bag! I love the color and the leather looks super molestable. Congrats!
  11. Congrats- the color is amazing!
  12. Beautiful! That color is awesome... and you received the bag so fast!
  13. That store has amazing customer service. The manager talked to me at length about the bag and about her store. It's a real store in Maine that just went Online. I have to admit that the prices are up there and there is no codes or coupons. She said they haven't got into all that yet since they are so new. I usually NEVER buy a bag that isn't on sale or some kind of discount but I did this time and it's worth it. I really can't see myself tiring of this bag.

    Shipping was very quick. I placed the order at Noon and it shipped out the same day at 4pm and I got it 2 days later. Perfectly packed.
  14. LOL... I've heard that one before!

    Seriously though, I agree and think your Persa is a keeper!
  15. love the color, congrats!!