My Gunmetal Alex Satchel is peeling after 11 days

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  1. I have not even had the bag 2 weeks...and the silver metallic is flaking off... I am so bummed....I am going to the store tomorrow to see if I can exchange...

    not sure if I want to get same color...I lOVE the color...but if this is defect...I don't want it. I bought this during PCE too. ugh.

    I have another metallic Coach Bleeker tote that is YEARS old and has never flaked. :sad:
  2. Flaking and peeling of the metallic bags is unfortunately a common Coach quality issue now :tdown: I'd suggest that you get a different color if and when you do an exchange.
  3. welcome to the club! i hear it left and right, alexandra is just not a good gunmetal bag, i had 2 and they both peeld within their first 2 weeks of use :sad:(( the good new is, you get to bring her back and pick something else...
  4. I'm bummed...I like metallics...hmmm...have to research for a new love tonight....

    I can't believe this is Coach....not a cheap bag....too bad....

  5. So sorry your bag peeled! I love meatallics too. I found a gunmetal Mia cvt shoulder bag at the outlet last week. As soon as I did my reveal posters told me to be careful of it cracking and peeling. I ended returning it and I was really sad! I hope you find something else that you will love!
  6. I almost bougth the Madison Gunmetal Carryall at the outlet but then changed my mind thinking about the peeling issues....hate this the metallics are so pretty!
  7. Everyone needs to write Coach letters and complain. Seriously this seems to be WAY too big of an issue with these metallic bags. Two weeks? That is a joke for real.
  8. Did you end up taking it back? What did you get?
  9. It's not just Coach, my metallic Chloe wore the same way after a couple of weeks. I won't buy one from any brand.