My Guccizzz!

  1. Thanks to The Purse Forum. All those gucci stuffs I bought during the Gucci Sales Madness. (Except for my big tote and black wallet.) The black wallet was my first Gucci ever. I love it dearly. Bought it when I was in grad 10, which was a decade ago ;) I'm still using it. If I didn't find my way to the TPF. I think it 's still my one and only wallet. :smile: And the big tote bag bought it a couple years ago. Only use it when am out with the kids. I throw everything in there. My wallet, the kids toys. Very roomy as you can see. I had a matching blue flora hobo too, but returned it already :sad: (long story) Anyway, hope you all like my guccizz stuffs!

    P.S Dont forget to keep me posted with more Gucci Sales :heart: The Purse Forum!


  2. wow, great haul! congrats!!
  3. love it. especially that small gold wallet is soo cute
  4. great collection!
  5. wow, great buys, congrats!!
  6. Great collection
  7. Wonderful bags, i like your style.
    Thanks for sharing
  8. what is the black bag on the left side?? can you post more pics of it?
  9. Great Collection!
  10. ooh loove it! love the shoes!!
  11. Nice collection! I like the horsebit tote, flowery canvas wallet, gold coin purse, and shoes the best:tup:
  12. Great haul... congrats!
  13. Looks like you got a ton of great stuff at the sale! Congratulations :smile:
  14. wow! nice stuff! congratz!
  15. I really regret not getting the black patent heels. They are so HOT!