My Guccissima Princy large hobo is here!!

  1. Aww.. that's awesome ! :yes: And it'd be lovely with your trench. :graucho:
  2. My thoughts exactly!
  3. I love this one, and a good proce point as well! Congrats Jane!
  4. It's a real beauty. I know you'll enjoy it. I have the Chocolate Princy (satchel). Congrats!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. I took a few photos... I love that the inside has a cellphone pocket, and I love the little bow detail on the side!! Yay! Wish the pics were a bit less blurry, but I didn't have enough light I guess! But you get the idea.
    gucci_4.jpg gucci_3.jpg gucci_1.jpg gucci_2.jpg
  7. Aww.. I love the lining ! It's so cute !
  8. Wow!!! Your purse is so beautiful! The leather looks so soft and squishy too. Do they have those available in medium or small? The large looks pretty big :smile:
  9. I don't think the large is really that large. I am petite and did not find it was too big on me. I should try to snap a picture...
  10. a couple pics, remember I'm short :smile:
    on1.jpg on2.jpg

  11. I'm quite petite also, so I think we may be about the same height (I'm ~5'3'')

    :nuts: Gosh that bag looks awesome on you!! The measurements on the Gucci website are kind of misleading, since I thought it would be huge. But it really doesn't look that big at all. It looks sooo squishy and comfortable to wear! Well, enjoy your purse, I wish I could buy one but I'm on a bit of a purse ban right now :lol:
  12. Looks even better on you!
  13. I love it....Its so pretty!!! Enjoy!
  14. Lovely bag, congrats.
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