My Guccissima agenda just got here!

  1. And it is SO gorgeous... I'm so glad I got it! :love: :love: The almost one-month backorder was worth it....

    I will take pics tonight!
  2. yay, congrats! can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  3. Dayum, you're on a roll ! :yes:
  4. Congrats!!!!!!

    I want one to go with my Guccissima Chocolate Princy.

    What size did you get? Measurements if you have them, please.

    I'll check back for pics later.
  5. Oh that is great! Can't wait to see pics!!!!
  6. I got the standard chocolate one, 5.5" x 7.5". If you want that color you best get on the wait list now. I had to wait a month, and they won't be available again until 10/15...
  7. Congrats! Glad the long wait was worth it!!! :yes:
  8. Oh, no pics yet!!!!!! I can't wait until you post pics up.!
  9. :yahoo: I want one too!! Can't wait to see pics!!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  10. Here it is! Posing with my bag...


  11. Omigosh, I LOVE that! I need one but don't want to pay for a Chanel one and don't really want an LV one!

    LOVE that!
    Do you mind telling me the price?

  12. It was $480, and that includes the set of refills/address book, which sold separately is $80.

    The paper is super nice, it comes with a lot of lined and blank paper, and the address book dividers are made of this really heavy opaque vellum stock. Love it.
  13. And it comes in a bunch of colors in the leather, including baby pink. But I have always loved the chocolate guccissima, it just looks so rich.
  14. oh wow, I must be SO warped from spending time in the Chanel Forum. . . that seems like a great deal! LOL!

    Seriously :shocked:
  15. How much is a comparable Chanel agenda??