my Gucci's

  1. i dont have alot...but im starting a collection
    gucc.jpg gucc2.jpg gucc4.jpg
  2. Very nice! Great shoes too! I love the convertible clutch- I have a black one too, and its probably one of my most favorite bags!
  3. nice colors.
  4. Love love love these pieces, Gucci is really appealing to me these days!
  5. Love the all the Bags!! The colors are great and the blue clutch is soo cute!
  6. love your guccis n the colors
  7. Mmmm mmmm the colors!!
  8. Great colors! Very different!
  9. Fantastic bags. That tote seems to be the ideal size!
  10. i love your Gucci collection!! I want the matching blue bag and heels!!
  11. aww I like your Gucci collection!

    especially the tote w/ pink trim (and the shoes). very cute!
  12. Beautiful...I could imagine how fabulous they'd look on you, very classy!
  13. Great collection.
  14. jag

    thanx a million, it's my favourite too:smile:

    thanx alot.:smile:

    thanx alot..dont know why but its invading my thoughts these days too, there is a metalic's to die for:love:

    ahhh, it's words like these that keeps me buying more and more:biggrin:

    thanx for coming by :smile:

    they're so (mmmmmm mmmm) in reality too...thanx for coming:biggrin:
  15. Kat
    yeah... i wanted to change from the classic really adventurouse sometimes:biggrin:
    thanx for coming

    i wasnt sure about it at first, thought it's a bit big on my frame, but then grew to like it:smile: thanx for coming

    thanx for such nice words, but i got those last from the cruise collection 2005 and never got to use them until this winter:weird: